Episode 5 Recap: Finally! Real Story Lines

Mia scores a hot date in this week's episode

Episode 5 Recap: Finally! Real Story Lines

Shit just got real on Push Girls thanks to former 21 Jump Street star Dustin Nguyen. Finally someone (aka Loveable Dustin) delivered some sincere and introspective thoughts related to wheelchair living, instead of the typical patronizing handicapped bits we’ve grown accustomed to these last four episodes. Also on this week’s episode, Tiphany and Mia have some fun when the two girls take a stab at speed dating, where Mia ends up scoring a hot date with a nice Jewish boy (the first date since her anticlimactic break-up two episodes ago). And finally, we were blessed with scenes of Auti not dancing. Kudos Sundance! Now you’re starting to entertain us.

BUT I’m starting to think the producers of this show are trying to squeeze twelve episodes out of one week’s worth of filming because before we were shown any of the good stuff: AGAIN we had to hear Angela’s story of how she was paralyzed and AGAIN we were told about how wheelchairs are taboo in Vietnam and AGAIN she complained about not having the perfect life. But once that was over (and the loveable Dustin arrived) Angela’s story line about moving on from an ex was actually decent, not to mention a story line that every person can indentify with, wheelchair or not.

For those who haven’t heard Angela’s story (which clearly means you haven’t seen an episode of Push Girls) loveable Dustin is Angela’s ex-husband.

Dustin and Angela Nguyen from Push Girls

And contrary to what you might think, she dumped him after nine-ish years of marriage. That’s right, he may have stayed by her side while she went through her transformation but she didn’t want to follow him to Vietnam, where he wanted to pursue his acting and producing career, so she stayed in America and asked him for a separation once he left and she became lonely. So now they live thousands of miles apart, but still communicate via Skype regularly as friends.

Until this episode, when Angela finds out a more distant Dustin is seeing someone new and she suddenly begins to wonder if she made the right decision by dumping him, to which I’d say, “Sorry Angela. You fucked up girlfriend.” To have a man that cooks for you and literally carries you to bed every night? That’s every woman’s wet dream. So let me go ahead and ask the question every single woman on match.com watching the show is thinking: Are you effing nuts? And what have you done?

Still, even after being dumped, Dustin flies to LA to visit Angela (for reasons unknown, probably just to make her character appear more interesting). And while he’s there, Angela tries to bring her A Game and spark up some romance but it ain’t happening. It’s clear he’s moved on and he eventually tells her she needs to do the same.  To add insult to injury, Angela’s caregiver Aunt Judy cries at Angela’s failure to win him back. And when Dustin is packing up to go home, I cry too. He’s been the most interesting person on the show yet… and now he’s leaving, which surely means we’re going to be stuck with a whiney, complaining Angela. Lucky us.

On the other side of town, Tiphany and Mia try speed dating for the first time. And as it turns out, Tiphany can be funny when she’s not trying so hard to be sexy. She rightfully makes fun of all the dudes in attendance, and turns to some free appetizers to keep busy and entertained. Mia, on the other hand, makes a connection with a nice Jewish boy. They go on a first date and the big question is—how is he going to handle her wheelchair situation? Isn’t it obvious that if he agreed to go on a date with Mia, he doesn’t care? Or maybe he is curious but just doesn’t have the balls to ask about it yet. Either way, the date goes smoothly and it’s cute to watch the two of them play skee-ball, air hockey and compete in other games at the arcade.

But then just as Mia finally appears to be in her element and happy… she ruins the moment by telling us that Arik is not for her, although he’s “entertaining.” Bye Arik. Sorry to see you go so soon. And so it seems another good man is taken down by one of the Push Girls, to which Mia the man-eater might retort, “Who cares! Next!” After all, this is speed-dating (and maybe even the result of speed filming).

What was your favorite part of tonight’s episode? And is anyone else wondering why Angela’s house isn’t more wheelchair friendly? She’s had ten years to figure this shit out, right? PS Angela: Buy an electric wheelchair already.


  • Moya

    Good stuff Jana. Keep it coming. As always, you managed to make me laugh while keepin it real.. And yes Dustin is every girls “wet dream.”

  • Kathy

    another good one, jana! yes, it seems this episode had more meat to it. that’s cuz it dealt with universal issues of real life; perhaps the producers are getting past the wheelchairs. as for angela’s wheelchair: how much you wanna bet that she DOES use an electric in real life, but they put her in a push to fit her into the premise of the show?