Crying, Crying & More Crying on Push Girls

Tiphany's 10-year reunion brings back emotional memories

Crying, Crying & More Crying on Push Girls

After Chelsie and Josh’s first-kiss last week I was really looking forward to this week’s episode of Push Girls. Finally, I thought, we’re getting somewhere and Chelsie’s gonna get some action. But I was wrong. Really wrong. This week’s story lines include Tiphany attending her 10-year high-school reunion and Mia finding a swim coach, which literally could have been shown in five-minute clip instead of the usual half-hour program. But by now, you know how Sundance likes to do… a lot of talking and a little action and that’s when they’re not re-telling the same stories again and again. And so I am bummed, because last episode showed promise and this episode was a flippity-flop.

Even still, here’s a show summary with spice:

The show begins when Tiphany tells Mia she’s going to her hometown for her 10-year high school reunion, which also happens to be her ten-year injury anniversary. Mia pretends to be shocked at the coincidence. As Tiphany prepares for her trip back home, memories of her past creeps up upon her and make her more emotional than usual. We find out Tiphany used to be a “party girl” that drank alcohol, did drugs and had lots of sex, which is no surprise since that’s how she was introduced to us in the show. Then Sundance re-tells her car accident story for the third or fifth time now, but this time it’s more elaborate than ever.

[Cue sad music and old photos] Tiphany was at a wakeboarding event drinking and doing ecstasy (she thinks) when her and two other girls get in the car to drive somewhere. Another girl from the party, who was driving back for more party fun, slammed into their car while trying to pass a truck on a double-yellow lined road. The driver was intoxicated and three times over the alcohol limit. Tiphany and her two friends were pronounced dead on the scene, but then Tiphany pulls through and ends up spending three weeks in a medically-induced coma. She wakes up to find out her friends have died and the realization she needs to use a wheelchair, and cries for days like any normal person would.

The accident, however, doesn’t prohibit her from partying. No sir-ree. She admits to drinking and drug use for many years after being paralyzed until one day she ended up in the hospital after an all-night bender.

Tiphany from Push Girls

Cut to Angela who finally admits to using an electric wheelchair! I knew it! I knew she had to have one hiding somewhere. [Cue fun music and clips of Angela’s electric wheelchair pulling Auti and Mia’s push chairs.] Then Angela opens her mouth to defend her electric wheelchair use. “The push chair keeps me active and allows me to be strong,” she says. [Cue crickets.] This statement can’t be any further from the truth. An electric wheelchair keeps quads active because it gets us out of the house. And pushing (or attempting to push) a push chair only wrecks our shoulders since the muscles that may work, must work double-time to make up for those muscles that don’t. (If you don’t believe me, ask your local physical therapist.) So stop being ashamed of the electric wheelchair Angela! Own it! You’re upper body will thank you later.

Since Tiphany is in Lodi, Mia talks to the other girls about finding a swimming coach because she’s nervous to hear what he has to say about her stroke. Auti, of course, relates the situation back to her self and dancing. Angela simply tells her to, “Do it.” I want to tell all of them to stop talking and start doing something, anything, just be active because all the talking is drab and boring.

Once at home, Tiphany greets her parents with hugs. And while on the outside the family seems stable, I get the feeling there are many buried family secrets when her Dad describes his once-teenaged daughter as someone who “seeks attention,” “was very combative,” and “has a stubborn persona.” And strangely, Tiphany’s nephew Josh shows up at the dinner table but there is no sign of Tiphany having a sibling (Who’s Josh’s parent?) and no mention of Chelsie. What the hell Sundance? Last week you left us with a kiss between Chelsie and Josh and this week nothing, not even a mention that it happened. LAME, which is also how I would describe Tiphany’s high-school reunion that she eventually shows up to.

After an entire show of build up and projecting the future emotions to come from this reunion, I was expecting to see some sparks and some real entertainment at the event, like that awesome choreographed dance scene from the movie She’s All That. Instead, I witnessed a bunch of wannabe Bachelors and Bachelorette’s standing around and swaying their hips back-n-forth like they were waiting in line for an all-you-can-eat Golden Corral buffet. It’s no wonder Tiphany left her small town and ran away to Los Angeles. Any sane person would.

In the pool, Mia learns she’s not a perfect swimmer. This makes her hate her new coach, who suggests she start training 3-4 days a week if she’s serious about competing. But surprise, Mia is unsure if she’s ready to make that commitment. [Cue whiney, twelve-year-old voice] Because, uh, what if she doesn’t win a medal after all that work? That would mean being paralyzed took something away from her… [Insert voice of reason] No, Mia. It would just mean you need more practice.

And finally, the show ends with a cry-fest from Tiphany and her Dad. For the first time in ten years, the family revisits the site of her accident (or close. No one remembers exactly where it’s at). And I know this scene is suppose to tug on heart strings—the family on the side of the road hugging and crying about something that happened a decade ago—but all I could think about was, “I wonder what the people zooming by in the cars are thinking?” Or better yet, “I hope they don’t get hit by a car.”  Did anyone else think the same?

What did you think about this episode? And who (besides me) is ready for Chelsie’s return?



  • Vbell1956

    I am ready to see some reality. Nobody has mentioned “program” or pressure sores. Like I really believe they shove their feet in those heels and slide across cafe benches without damaging their skin. Reality tv…….give me a break.

    Love your stories Jana.

  • Kathy

    ha! i told you two columns ago that she really had an electric wheelchair! some reality invades the reality show. good work, jana!