Episode Four Recap: Reality 101

Sundace introduces us to the characters, again.

Episode Four Recap: Reality 101

This week on Push Girls: Tiphany breaks up with her girlfriend, Angela takes a stab at painting with her mouth, Auti visits a fertility doctor, Mia is M.I.A. and the show still feels like a pilot episode. Come on Sundance! How many times are you going to introduce these characters and rehash their back-story? After four episodes, we get it. Tiphany is the pretty handicap that likes to think she’s independent. Auti is the attention-seeking dancer. Angela can’t use her fingers and likes to explain her disability at all times. And Mia is sad but sensible. Let’s move on already!

Is anybody else wondering what these girls do for a living?  Surely they do something besides reality TV, like volunteer, work or go to the grocery store. We were introduced to Mia at her work place in the first episode, but since then there’s not been much real world action. Just forced drama, like Tiphany’s tragic break up with Miyoko.

WAIT. HOLD THAT THOUGHT. Did anyone notice that Tiphany put on bowling shoes before she went bowling? That’s right, she took the time to put on bowling shoes! Not bowling wheels, bowling shoes! And I thought the high heels from last week’s episode were impractical.  Silly me. But good for Tiphany for making such an effort to fit in with her bowling peers. I know I’d never do it, but maybe I’m just a lazy paralyzed person… and now back to the regularly scheduled program blabbing.

Surprise! Tiphany wants her freedom. After six months of dating of a woman, she’s decided Miyoko is not cutting it.  She was simply too nice and helpful. I mean, how dare she assist Tiphany with her leg exercises every morning and offer to hold her wheelchair while she bowls (unsuccessfully) with a flat tire. Doesn’t she know that Tiphany is independent! And she needs no one…

except she does…

she needs everyone to give her their undivided attention.  Oh boy what a mess. The good news (for reality TV) is Miyoko is set free and Tiphany’s single, back out on the prowl and not going to settle for just anyone, which surely means more dating disasters are soon to follow. Hip hip hooray!

Finally, the other story line this week revolved around 42-year-old Auti and her future baby-making with husband Eric. Through conversations with her wheelchair sorority sisters and her fertility doctor, Auti admits to having an abortion one year after she was paralyzed, that she recently miscarried twice and she randomly (back in the good ‘ole days wink, wink) used crack cocaine for two years. CRACK COCAINE. But don’t worry! Her sonogram shows she has plenty more eggs to keep trying for more babies. Yay!  More disabled sex (just what everyone wants to be left thinking about until next week)! C’mon episode 5—you can’t get here soon enough.



  • Yumezaki

    Exactly. Tiphany disgusted me. She LOVES attention. What the fuck did she mean ‘Miyoko gave me so much attention?’ Can’t she just get enough of it? I’m happy Miyoko is set free.

    • diannna

      I agree, Miyoko was so caring and a beautiful person, Her new gf is idk, all those tatts and piercings, she has issues but tiphany likes the bad types i guess.