Push Girls Examines Life in Wheelchairs

New Sundance reality show follows four disabled women

Push Girls Examines Life in Wheelchairs

“You can be beautiful and be in a wheelchair,” says a voice in the commercial for Sundance Channel’s new reality show Push Girls.

And that’s the message the network wants to send with the show that launched on Monday night. Push Girls follows the lives of four paralyzed Los Angeles women – Tiphany Adams, Auti Adams, Angela Rockwood and Mia Schaikewitz – who spend their lives in wheelchairs.

“Plenty of people have no idea what it’s like to spend the day in the life of someone with a disability, let alone a spinal cord injury,” Tiphany Adams said in an interview. ”How do we get in and out of a car? How do we go to the bathroom. How do we go grocery shopping? How do we get in the shower? How do we get dressed? I thought it was a brilliant idea for the world to see that.”

Push Girls addresses all those things in addition to the girls’ relationships, dating, careers and facing the accidents that put them in their wheelchairs.

I think this show sounds completely refreshing. We spend countless hours watching rich housewives doing nothing but bickering with each other and pretty people competing for prizes, so it’s nice to see a reality show with a heart – one that’s got the potential to be completely inspirational.

The show airs Mondays at 10 pm on Sundance. Did you watch the season premiere? Do you plan to watch the show?

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  • Joe

    If you can be beautiful and in a wheelchair, why didn’t they get beautiful girls for the show?

    • Cahcar44

      They are beautiful, lets see your face and your girl, the moral of the story is they have overcome so much more than a pussy like you.

      • Star

        You have to understand that Joe is disabled as well….he is blind and also to top that off has a very serious mental condition….he has the mentality of a 2 year old child…we are all pulling for ya Joe…you can overcome this, really.

  • Warren

    Hey Joe, Obviously your concept of beautiful differs from others ,but even if they were not the most beautiful physically just by how they hold there heads up high and the attitudes they have for the challenges they face makes them beautiful. From Roundshoes

  • Lilkeatu

    They are the most beautiful girls i have ever seen. Every one of them has thier own and exclusive beauty…….

  • Leann

    Love Push Girls

  • Matthew Cunningham

    I have a handicapped sister and she was born that way and that’s not always the case for some people who became wheelchair bound by other causes and I don’t think it’s right for some people to judge other people by their handicap and I have two handicaps one is a birth defect and the other one was just discovered by my parents and I have a seizure disorder that affects every thing that I do