5 Things We Learned From Bethenny’s New Talk Show

5 Things We Learned From Bethenny’s New Talk Show

Former Real Housewives of NYC star Bethenny Frankel’s new talk show premiered its “test run” in a handful of markets this week. But if you’re a Bethenny fan who doesn’t happen to live in a city that airs the show, you can catch part of the premiere online below — or just read our list of Top 5 highlights:

1) Contrary to rumors, Bethenny is NOT getting divorced. (At least not yet.) Husband Jason Hoppy was in the audience.

2) Bethenny watches The Bachelorette! Or one of her producers does. Remember in the early years of Housewives, when Bethenny sat around watching reality TV all the time? She probably doesn’t have time anymore, but she did show a clip from Emily Maynard’s season.

3) Are black penises bigger than white penises across the board? This is a direct quote from Bethenny. You’ll have to watch to find out the answer.

4) You can use sour cream to relieve razor burn in your armpits or on your bikini line. WHO KNEW?

5) You can never have too much “alone time.” If you get my drift.