RHOA: Kenya Courts Danger

Warns Phaedra: Keep your paws off my man!

RHOA: Kenya Courts Danger

Phaedra Parks may seem like a prim and proper Southern Belle. But one thing is becoming clear: If you mess with her man, her donkey booty is gonna be the tamest park of the jackass you’ll see.

On last night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, new girl Kenya Moore stretched Phaedra’s patience by flirting excessively with her husband, Apollo, during their couples’ vacation to Anguilla. Kenya has quickly angered the women in various ways, and already turned on the charm with Apollo during a previous outing. But after her most recent antics, she is quickly solidifying her spot as Atlanta’s love-to-hate Housewife.

The trip got underway with everyone lounging by the pool, without anyone actually taking a dip. But soon, Apollo trotted out in his swim trunks, after which Kenya pushed him in the pool, and Phaedra looked on in stunned silence. In a move Apollo labeled playful retaliation, he got out of the pool, picked up Kenya and threw her in. Phaedra called it inappropriate, but failed to go off on her husband or Kenya — a highly surprising move for this group, which happily causes a scene over a broken nail.

Next day, Phaedra responded to the affront by wearing an “outfit” composed of a thong bikini with a backless, fishnet cover-up. She made it impossible for Apollo, or anyone else for that matter, to look at anything besides her ample ass. Apparently, Anguilla doesn’t have any public indecency laws.

Later that night, Kenya flirted shamelessly with several of the husbands before walking up to Phaedra and asking, “If you had to give Apollo a birthday present and it involved two of your friends, who would it be?” Phaedra’s lip curled up like she’d just bitten into a sh*t sandwich, and she refused to answer the question. Phaedra’s temper appears to be a slow burn… that never bodes well for people on the receiving end.

“Don’t put your paws on Apollo,” she said to cameras. “I’m going to have an issue with that. I ain’t into that. You go on with that bullsh*t before I get pissed, honey.”

Despite Kenya’s shameless behavior with the other dudes right in front of her own man, she continued to put the screws to Walter about marrying her. “I feel pressure because it’s time,” she said, offering yet another reminder that she is 41 and her eggs are drying up before her eyes. He coyly told her she’d have to wait three days. We know this guy isn’t gonna marry Kenya after all of her desperation, and after watching her grind her ass all up on Peter, but he’s also now confirmed he and Kenya were never even really a thing. So much for reality TV.

In other news, we saw the remainder of Kim’s staged exit from the show. Although she supposedly left the restaurant early and unexpectedly, Kroy was waiting right outside with a car, ready to yell at cameramen and threaten them with a lawsuit. Nice try, Bravo, but I ain’t buying that whole scene either.

Inside, the other women backbit Kim because she would rather spend time with her young family than be involved in altercations every 10 seconds. Said NeNe, “Kim: Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. Bye!”

In yet another completely scripted spontaneous moment, Cynthia and Peter invited Porsha and her husband (whom they’d only met one time) on the Aguilla trip. “Any enemy of Kenya’s is a friend of mine,” reasoned Cynthia, who is a much more diabolical character this season. Of course, the couple took her up on it, exposing themselves to what will likely be the least fun vacation they will ever take.

Finally, we learned Phaedra isn’t into using potentially germy public hot tubs. “I don’t play when it comes to my honey pot,” she said. “I don’t have time for no bacterial vaginosis.”

What do you think of Kenya? Is she really this ridiculous or is she just playing it up for cameras?


  • Up

    Kenya seems to have alot of different personalities, doesnt respect her “sista” friends, and when she first met Apollo with Phadra … did anyone else notice how her face and eyes lit up!! Then she kept making comments about Apollo when they were tryin to talk business about production .. she was disrespectful then. THAT was the time to check her. …her mind was workin like “damn, Im supposed to be with the fine one. you can have fuddy duddy …” Phadra needs to check Apollo. Then slap the fu* out of Kenya. A good ole georgia peach ass whooping! Sit her ass down for good! The pool thing ..3 times!! push apollo in the pool – laugh and giggle. apollo picks her up (holds her like she’s his woman) and gingerly goes into the pool – holding tight to Kenya – laughs and giggles again. kenya asks a jokingly hypothetical question (even though we know kenya is serious) about the ladies husband – suggests threesome! Kenya has probably gotten away with this type of behavior in the past, with other womens husband’s. It is not cute. Slutty is what it is.

  • Cynshort4cynthia

    Did anyone see Apollo touch Kenya’s ass? First with the palm of his hand and then finished up with wrist to elbow? Well I did! Check it out!