Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak Getting Own Show?

Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak Getting Own Show?

According to The Huffington Post, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” Kim Zolciak is getting her own show.

And here I thought Nene Leakes would be the first to branch off from the franchise. Maybe if Nene can come up with a single half as annoying as “Tardy For The Party” she, too, can get her own show.

According to The Huffington Post, a show insider says Kim’s life is changing with her new man and baby and that could make for good TV.

“Originally the show was to be five African American women but after Bravo met Kim, they insisted she be part of the cast,” the insider told the Huffington Post. “Kim is a game-changer. She was the first housewife to release a single (“Tardy for the Party”) and just like Bethenny (Frankel), she fell in love and got pregnant while taping the show. She’s the perfect choice for the next lady to get her own show.

“Kim’s new show is going to follow the very successful Bethenny formula,” the insider added. “A new mom and her fiancé trying to make everything work. Juggling baby, boyfriend and career.”

Kim gave birth to her son in May and is living with her NFL boyfriend Kroy Biermann.



  • k from bay area

    Please do not compare Kim and Bethany, everyone likes Bethany, Kim is ANNOYING…

  • Tina

    Kim is very annoying and the only reason she is with kroy is because nobody else would get caught.Meaning what man would get stuck having baby with her. Kim branded that poor guy, He’s a southern boy who didn’t know , and Minnesota guys are like .
    Kim is disgusting with her big papas and she had alot the guy in Miami the other big papa, how many men will she F”"”"”"”K for money, all that F”””””””’K,’ Got her alot of saved up furnished house , trips, money. She’s nothing different from a prostitute on the street.just because she has Gucci or L,v she’s still a slut in heels a high paid escort. and here she judge’s the new girl on the show sleeping with men for money , when she has been in this game doing the same thing. I am sure any father would be ashamed knowing that their daughter is slut sleeping with rich men for money, I don’t care how old , it’s the point.and here she’s getting married, and she was on t.v talking about big papa and getting married and the man’g married, How would kin feel if troy did that to her behind her back, she is old now , what if a young 20yr old wanted kroy to use for cars, money and furniture, just like kim did.Poor troy was branded, I am sure Kim said yup I have a sucker, I am old past 35 now, have 2 kids, child support will be up and my cellulite is here, HMMMMMMMMM, I will get a young stupid jock to pay for my new baby(planned) and I have 18 yrs more new pay.

    • Hello

      your right, and she is a complete slut, she was on the show talking about the new girl sleeping with an 80 yrs old man and had kim said “who does that. Honey please. Kim you were doing the same thing for years, and with married men.
      Kim is old now , she thinks having fake boobs would help, those thing sag after a while, I don’t care how many up lifts you get. Kim knew a sucker when she met kroy. and he’s a such a good guy , what a waste on her.
      And what’s the matter with him, is the only woman he could find. Does any one notice Kim doesn’t act bitchy to kroy, but to her fiends she does. She knows that she better be fake with him for a while, until later. Kim thinks now that she has a baby, house and kroy that her slate is clear, oh and for the simple fact she can’t turn tricks to big papa’s -more then 1 big papas remember she had 2 on the show.

  • Bucktooth

    Just Stupid producers putting these very untalented people on TV..soo Dumb! This woman has no talent and is not a role model for anyone..her daughters will be dumb also! Kroy is a nice man..too bad for him! Cynthia, Phaedra and Khandi are the best on this show..forget about the rest!
    I don’t understand why the dumbest people get their own shows???