RHOBH: Shame on YOU, Brandi and Adrienne!

The friends turned frienemies finally have it out

RHOBH: Shame on YOU, Brandi and Adrienne!

It seems like a million years since Brandi Glanville exchanged heated words with Adrienne and Paul Maloof during a party earlier this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Since then, it’s been a bunch of she said/she said, threatened lawsuits and behind-the-back smack talking … until Monday night.

The former friends FINALLY had it out, in front of everyone, during Lisa Vanderpump’s pink and rose-drenched tea party where everyone drank alcohol, but no tea. At first, the guests — Brandi, Adrienne, Taylor, Marisa, Camille, Kyle and Kyle’s bitchy friend, Faye — all agreed to sweep the underlying tension under the rug for the sake of having one event that didn’t turn into a steaming heap of Giggy crap.

Let's pretend we're friends!

But once Taylor got a little wine in her, she made some innuendo about friends suing each other, a statement that was met with complete silence. Lisa pulled Taylor and Brandi aside, and asked Taylor not to start a big brouhaha at her tea party.

Taylor was all, "Drama? Who, me?"

So, naturally, Taylor went back to the table and asked Adrienne point blank if she was suing Brandi. Adrienne denied it, and said that her lawyer hadn’t made any contact with Brandi or her peeps.

When Brandi said that she had a copy of the letter from Adrienne’s lawyer, Adrienne changed the topic to some Twitter war the two had had. (By the way, is there anything more silly than people having public arguments on Twitter?)Brandi accused Adrienne’s chef, Bernie, of spreading inflammatory gossip about her to multiple tabloids, and said she had proof of it.

Adrienne yelled “Shame on you,” then Brandi was like, “NO, shame on YOU!” This went on a few times before Brandi finally got up and left. “Adrienne, you are so full of f***ing sh*t!,” she said, storming out.

So, a lot of yelling was done, without any real resolution. Shocker of the century, right?

Other important haps:

Lisa and Kyle talk it out.
Lisa invited Kyle over to ask her why she never sticks up for her during group arguments. Kyle said because A) Lisa usually comes to her own defense immediately; and B) because she doesn’t want to involve herself in other people’s fights, even though Kyle involves herself in practically every argument on the show. They repeated the same points to each other over and over about 15 times before deciding they would move forward, but their friendship would never be the same.

Can't we all just get along?

Yolanda likes Brandi, therefore we like Yolanda.
It’s no secret that we’ve waffled over whether we actually like Yolanda or not. But when she admitted to liking Brandi because of her honesty, we decided we are firmly planted Team Yoyo. Can’t help it. We like Brandi. We used to like Adrienne, too, but using money to influence people instead of just having a conversation is just so …. wrong.

The dog ate Kim’s homework new nose.

Still fresh off her nose job, Kim called Lisa to say she wouldn’t be able to make the tea party because … wait fot it… her new dog hit her new nose and she had to go see the doctor to make sure everything was still kosher. We have to say, she’s gotten a lot more creative with her excuses in her sobriety.

Giggy walks!
One scene showed Giggy trotting through Lisa’s house. It’s the first time I think I’ve ever seen that dog be mobile on his own. Normally, he’s tucked under someone’s arm, or comatose on someone’s lap. He liiiiiiiiiiiives!



Brandi or Adrienne: Whose side are you on?

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