Is Teresa's Husband Headed For The Clink?

Will the RHONJ star benefit from Joe Giudice's absence?

Is Teresa's Husband Headed For The Clink?

Looks like Teresa's blowhard hubby might be “going away” — Tre's favorite euphemism for “jail” — after all.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey house-husband is due back in court later this month in his ongoing negotiations related to his 2011 indictment for getting a fake driver license, among other crimes.

Online reports quote a prosecutor in the case saying “some jail time” must be part of any plea bargain.

Given the amount of drama Joe G. has caused on RHONJ this season — including apparent gay bashing, drinking while baby-sitting, and badmouthing Teresa's family — is it possible Teresa is a tiny bit relieved to be rid of him for a while?

Tabloids have suggested that she may get a spinoff from Bravo if she winds up alone with four kids.

We'd watch any show starring the Fabulous Gia. That girl is going to cause some serious drama when she hits puberty.

Would you watch a Teresa Giudice spinoff show? Tell us in the comments!



  • Pshew11

    Absolutely not…she is delusional.

  • Joyzelle

    Love Teresa – there’s something so oddly refreshing about her. Would watch HER show – not another one on that show has the personality to carry off their own show. Teresa, her daughters, perfection!

  • Andrew Sloan

    My sister watches all these housewives shows, so I’ve seen them a few times. But I just mostly know Theresa from the Celebrity Apprentice, although she is COMPLETELY different on the Real Housewives. I still like Theresa though, it’s just her husband and daughter Gia that I can’t take

  • Desiree Sanpere-Padro

    I would not watch Teresa’s spin off this woman does not have a clue and is totally a BIOTCH. She needs to be put in a straight jacket and watch the hours of footage of how much of a dumb woman she really is. Her brother reaches out to her and she pretty much slaps him down. This one has no clue how much of a moron she is and her stupidity is mind blowing. She is raising her kids to be bullies to each other, disrespectful and spoiled kids that need a good old fashion spanking over the knee.

  • Etta

    I Absolutely would. I feel like she’s been ganged up on for tooooo long now. She is going through so much and people fail to see that. Give her a spinoff Bravo..

  • Charlotte

    I would absolutely watch a show with Teresa Giudice, she and Nene Leaks are my favorite housewives.

  • Racenbug

    Love Teresa!! Without her it’d be just another boring show. I’d absolutely watch in in any spinoff, any show…even her autobiography in a movie!!!!
    I do however, have trouble watching her kids behavior.

  • Barbara

    I would watch just to see how bad she is at raising her kids by teaching them bad manners. I want to see how big a hole shes going to dig for herself. Her husband is a loser and is lazy. He is cheating on her and shes to blind to see it. I hope he goes to prison.