RHOM: She Beat Me To The Tweet!

Karent's Twitter fingers are faster than Adriana's.

RHOM: She Beat Me To The Tweet!

After Joanna’s drunken display last week on The Real Housewives of Miami, during which she made an assclown of herself at her fiance’s nightclub anniversary party, the top model was left to reconcile her jackassery with her fiance.

She and Romain headed to the beach to have it out, and as far as argument locales go, this one probably worked in her favor. It’s hard to be pissed off for too long as the serene ocean waves are lapping up on the beach. He remained calm as he admonished her: “I told you to cut down on drinking. I’m still very mad and very disappointed,” he said. Translation: You’d probably fit in better on Jersey Shore.

And her response was the typical oops, my bad mantra of any drunk person: “I don’t know what happened. I’m sorry. It’s been a long time since I went crazy drinking.”

Romain told her, “Next time you drink, you drink far from me. If it happens again, I will walk away.” But we won’t leave you, Joanna. We’re kinda looking forward to seeing you knock back a few more. Like, in next week’s episode, if possible.

Next up in the litany of relationship problems between Joanna and Romain, was that she got a phone call at 4 a.m. from someone at Romain’s club, who told her that her fiance was making out with one of the dancers. After discussing it with her sister, Marta, Joanna confronted him. He denied it, and she let it go, but admitted she wasn’t sure if she believed him. Seems like her and Karent might have a liiiiiittle something in common.

Speaking of Karent, turns out her mother is not a fan of her boyfriend, Rodolfo. In fact, mama even dropped the “hate” bomb when she spoke of him. But that’s shaping up to be the least of Karent’s problems, because she’s also been pissing off the other housewives. This week, she rubbed Adriana the wrong way.

Adriana had her photos done by an art photographer, and when they were unveiled at an art show, Karent let Adriana have about 10 seconds of shine before trying to commission her own images with the photographer. Strike 1.

Karent and Adriana then took a spin the show around to see the other art displays, and Adriana melted with joy when she met a reclusive artist whose work she had admired for years. Although he apparently doesn’t enjoy being in the public eye, he agreed to take a photo with Adriana, so that she could tweet it to all her art followers. Before she had even finished thanking him, Karent was all up in there, having her photo taken with him as well, even though she had no idea who he was. Strike 2.

And for her third strike, Karent had the audacity to tweet the picture before Adriana had a chance. For the rest of the episode, she recalled the story for the other ladies, and proudly repeated her little rhyme, “She beat me to the tweet!,” over and over.

In the world of people with actual problems, it turns out that Lisa’s life isn’t all big booby mansions and Red Bull and vodkas by the poolside. Lisa revealed that in her quest for children, she’s had three miscarriages. She and her husband agreed to keep trying, and to keep a positive outlook.

Side note: Lisa drinks coffee out of what literally looks like a huge, ceramic bucket. We like her style.

Meanwhile, in the least interesting plot of the show, Lea and her drag queen friend continued to talk smack about Marysol and her event-planning business.

Am I the only person who thinks Lea is a snoozefest so far? Sure, she can throw out a nasty barb here and there, but can’t they all? More Ana, less Lea. And where is Elsa hiding?


  • Gio Canoli

    I like the new group of Housewives but If like to get rid of Leah and bring some of last seasons back.