RHOM: Joanna Slept With Joe Francis?

The model gets a blast from the past, and he's dressed in his undies. Awkward!

RHOM: Joanna Slept With Joe Francis?

We can’t say we’re shocked by much on reality TV anymore, but two things really surprised us in last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Miami.

First, Joe Francis — yes, that Joe Francis, the icky perv responsible for all the Girls Gone Wild videos — is still around. And two: He’s friends with Lea Black, who proudly trotted him to Lisa Hochstein’s lingerie fundraiser party, which was the focal point of Thursday’s show. Are we the only ones surprised by this? Lea seems like such a snooty stick in the mud, we can’t imagine her being all buddy-buddy with someone who films drunken, college girl bi-curious encounters and wet t-shirt contests for a living.

Still, Lea continued to be boring and let Francis stir up a ruckus at the panty party.

Dressed in boxer briefs and a silk robe, Francis bragged to some of the other ‘wives that he bedded Joanna Krupa AND her sister, Marta, back in the day. Karent Sierra practically sprinted over to Joanna to tell her the news, and Joanna, who is no stranger to drunken flip-out sessions, called him a ‘sicko’ and ‘disgusting.’

Romain just stood by and let it happen, because hey, at least she wasn’t embarrassing the crap out of him at his job.

In other haps, the battle lines continued to be drawn, with all the Housewives hating on Karent. Karent apparently talked smack about the other ‘wives in a newspaper, calling them all classless fame whores, “Botox brains” and the like, which made them angry enough to try and furrow their brows. But, they couldn’t because of the Botox and all, so they just ripped on her instead.

Joanna, who is a PETA activist, became extremely upset when Marysol arrived wearing a white fur over her nightgown, and Adriana and Alexia were also still steaming over their encounter with Karent from last week. But in the next episode — on a special night, this Sunday at 10 p.m. — the shiznit’s gonna go down. Based on the previews, people get pushed in pools, Adriana could possibly smack Joanna. It’ll be like WWE, but with less resilient outfits. We can’t wait!

One last thing: If you’re working on your diet plan, watch the segment from last night where Joanna poses for a PETA campaign with a huge, fake bush pouring out of her tiny panties. You probably won’t be hungry for at least a week after. Here’s a pic to whet (curb?)  your appetite. Inquiring minds want to know: Is Romain’s forest that big?