RHOM: Lea Calls on Psychic Cheerleader to Bless Event

But blessing the ladies? Well, that's another story...

RHOM: Lea Calls on Psychic Cheerleader to Bless Event

On the tail of last week’s lingerie party melee, The Real Housewives of Miami had another event to attend the very next night: Lea Black’s big, annual fundraiser gala.

Both Joanna Krupa and Adriana de Moura recounted the events to their friends, showing off the scratches they earned from the tussle. While Joanna had actual bloody scratches on both of her arms, Adriana’s injuries appeared to be a figment of her imagination.

At the gala, Joanna worried and sobbed over the state of her relationship with Romain, who declined to attend with her; and Adriana sat at the next table calling Joanna a super whore and super hooker. Adriana promised to all who would listen, “Her dirty life is about to be unraveled”

But all in all, the women were mundane when compared to the real star of last night’s show: Lea’s friend, Norman, a “psychic cheerleader,” whom she called upon to bless the room and auction items for her gala. She also had Norm come to her home to calm all the Housewives and make sure they didn’t make a mockery of her event. As if.

Anyway, Norman was decked out in a pair of brown Ugg-type boots; baggy, lemon yellow trousers; and a bold striped shirt — an ensemble topped off with what appeared to be spray-on hair. He tapped bowls with a stick and went around chanting “ay ee ee ah oh oh oooooooo.” In other words, he has mastered the toddler version of drumming and knew his vowel sounds really, really well.

When the women arrived at Lea’s, Norman told them, “Whatever your problem is, I’m going to solve it.” Right. Now, can someone please return the favor and help this poor guy out with his fashion problem? In the night’s most awkward moment, Marysol Patton’s mom, Elsa, and Norman, had a bit of a psychic-off. It was bizarre and awkward, and a delicious moment of reality television.

Next week: Joanna and Adriana face off again.


  • Lorena

    Adrianna definitely knows how to play the victim on ‘Real Housewives of Miami.’ She complains Karent is stealing the spotlight and now Joanna is attacking her when she was the only one able to throw a punch. I was talking about this episode with my co-worker from DISH, and we both agree Joanna is a horrible drunk but she did not deserve a punch to the face. I’m going to miss next week’s episode but I’ve already set my Hopper to record it. I think this show is more fun when we can watch Mama Elsa’s crazy antics.