NeNe Leakes says she chose fame over friends

NeNe Leakes says she chose fame over friends

If you watch The Real  Housewives of Atlanta, you’ll notice NeNe Leakes’ friends come and go. Now the reality star has told Life & Style Magazine that she’s used to it and has, in a way, chosen fame over friendships.

“It’s very difficult,” NeNe told the magazine. “You can’t trust a lot of people. Your girlfriends all change, and your family is now against you. There’s definitely a cost that comes with fame.”

In a separate interview with Anderson Cooper, she even hinted that she didn’t expect to become famous and doesn’t even necessarily like being a celebrity.

“I had no idea that being on the ‘Housewives’ show, that we were going to blow [up] the way that we did,” she told Cooper. “If you were with me in a day-to-day situation, I don’t hang out — I’m a real homebody. I don’t like people digging into my personal life.”

But for someone who claims to not care that much about fame, she sure brags a lot. She even told Life& Style she’s bigger and more successful than any of the other Atlanta “Housewives.”

“I’ve got a lot of shine and had things happen for me, and they’re definitely jealous,” NeNe said to the magazine.

Sorry NeNe, but I don’t think quitting a show like The Celebrity Apprentice qualifies you as successful. I think Kandi Buruss might actually wear the most-successful crown. I mean, where’s your Grammy?



  • Pshew11

    NeNe get over yourself…..