Plot-Changing Events on RHONJ

The women gave their vocal cords a rest this week, but trouble is still brewing...

Plot-Changing Events on RHONJ

Here's the problem with The Real Housewives of New Jersey: They are usually so ludicrous and argumentative that when an episode doesn't feature a fight, it's a bit of a snooze fest.

But while last night's ep was tame as far as fights go, it did include potentially story-changing events. Some of these minor haps will surely blow up into something bigger later in the season.

Here are the top five:

1. The much ballyhooed therapy session between Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga was a bore. Nobody behaves like their complete jackass self during an inaugural session — especially these two, who both ultimately want the therapist to tell them they're right. But it things usually get worse before they get better, right? And they did. After the session, Joe went off on Teresa over the situation with their parents. Not on camera… but they were still hooked up to the mics.

2. Teresa behaved in a mellow and civilized manner overall, but dropped some little bombs here and there that will not go unpunished. 1. She suggested that disparaging tabloid stories had been planted by Jacqueline.  2. She said Kathy Wakile was embarrassed back in the day that her sister, Rosie, was a lesbian, and that she intentionally left her out of things because of it. 3. When Rosie confronted her about trashing Kathy in the tabloids, Teresa turned it around (doesn't she always?) to say that Kathy was the one always talking smack about her.

3. Jacqueline Laurita is still being tortured by her daughter, Ashlee, from afar. Most recently, Ashlee has gotten a bunch of tattoos, including a skull on her hand to remind her of a bar she used to frequent. Now, I love tattoos with a capital L. But I can only imagine how ridiculous I'd look if I gotten one to commemorate each of the fun times I had in my 20s. Ashlee may not be on the show anymore, but something tells us we haven't seen the last of her.

4. We found out that the wives and their families ARE actually going to take a road trip to Napa Valley, California. From New Jersey. In RVs. Jacqueline wants to uninvite the Giudices on the excursion, but you know damn well it'd be way too dull without the firestarter. Confined spaces + alcohol = spontaneous combustion!

5. During therapy session, Teresa said she wanted to travel in the same RV with the Gorgas. The therapist stressed that this was NOT a good idea, considering their current situation, but we think it's a fantastic. At one point, Joe Gorga said, “By the time we're done, the therapist is gonna need a therapist.” Word. how to get your ex back

Should the Giudices and Gorgas travel in the same RV together, or is this a disaster waiting to happen? Should they invite the therapist to come with them?



  • Adamant13

    Anyone tell Teresa she looks like Sylvester Stallone’s mother here?