RECAP: Teresa vs. Jacqueline, Round Two

Also, Teresa and Melissa strive to find common ground. But is blood really thicker than crazy?

RECAP: Teresa vs. Jacqueline, Round Two

We’re not sure when Teresa Giudice would have had time to have a lobotomy while filming this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but she must have cleared her calender at some point.

After a devastating blowout with her former close friends Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo last week, Teresa cozied up to her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, and cousin, Kathy Wakile, who she has been trashing for the better part of the last two seasons, and acted like nothing had ever happened.

In fact, Teresa attended (yet another) single release party for Melissa, and instead of ridiculing her, she acted as though she’d been her superfan since day one.

However, Jacqueline and Caroline were also at the event. Caroline was content to sit on the couch make make sourpuss menopausal faces all night. But Jax, who said she spent the past two days crying over their brawl, felt bad about the fight and tried to make nice. Their creative conversation went something like this:

Jacqueline: “Our fight hurt me.”

Teresa: “I was hurt.”

J: “I was HURT.”

Teresa: “No, I WAS HURT!”


When the two geniuses realized there were several more words in the English language that could be used to describe their feelings, Teresa complained about being ambushed and blamed Caroline for putting ideas in Jacqueline’s head. Jacqueline was still angry at Teresa for lying and being a one-sided friend. Blah, blah, blah — same stuff as last week, except this fight ended with Jacqueline walking away, saying “F*** you!”

Jax proceeded to do shots with another friend while Teresa talked to Melissa about her involvement with Danielle Staub two years prior. Except instead of ripping Melissa an ass as big a Joe Giudice, she spoke calmly, forgave Melissa (!!) and previously-feuding sisters-in-law ran off into a field of flowers holding hands while unicorns danced nearby. I guess when nobody likes you anymore, you can’t afford to be that choosy about your family.

Only time will tell if these new/old family bonds will hold up.

We hate it when people all gang up on one person. But at some point, you have to think that the person who’s constantly involved in fights with people is the one with the problem. What do  you think? Is Teresa the victim, or the problem?


  • Teresea Avant

    Teresa is the PROBLEM as usual & blames everyone else or beats around the PROBLEM that she cause & tries to wittle out of. I wished she would take her azz off the show. Her husband is…Yuck..what do you say : /

  • cammierari

    Teresa is the only GENUINE person on the show, which is why the rest of them all think she’s FAKE. They don’t recognize a good person because there are so few of them in the world. She doesn’t say a bad word about anyone behind their back so I don’t know where you are getting that she’s been badmouthing her family. Whatever she says about them is said to their face. It wasn’t in Teresa’s talking head interviews where you heard family being bashed-that was Melissa and Kathy, Joe and Mr Brylcreem (Richie). Or maybe you heard Caroline, Al, Lauren, Albie or Chris Manzo badmouthing Teresa or her husband on the show AND in their talking heads. But until VERY recently, Teresa hadn’t said a bad thing about anyone because she thought they were either her friends OR her family.

    By the way, I think Teresa “switched sides” because she realized that blood really is thicker than water. And she knew that if she waited for her family members to build the bridge, she’d be waiting forever So she decided to not wait another minute to get the family back together. When Melissa admitted to and apologized for contacting Danielle, Teresa let that be good enough. She accepted the apology (even though it was a pretty lame one) and decided to move on. Looks like it didn’t take tho judging from that appearance on The View-and I’m willing to bet $5 it’s because Joe and Melissa and the Wakiles are suspicious of TERESA’S motives for doing what they ALL say they want to do.

    • Bbeaver32

      Teresa’s husband even called her a Cunt on national TV! He’s lazy and useless. She does hold grudges. She keeps bringing up old stuff and does talk behind peoples back all the time. When her family or friends think they have apologized and moved one with an issue, Teresa keeps bringing the issue and the person back up to someone else and keepsit going hehind the’re back all the time.

  • Bbeaver32

    Teresa is the problem! She says she doesnt hold a grudge but she keeps bringing up old issues shes had with people and keeps the fights going. If everyone has a problem with you, wouldn’t that make you step back and look at yourself and quit telling evryone that you never said or did anything to hurt anyone and that you are the victom? She’s always hurts people by the way she acts but she trys to act like she didn’t do anything. She’s a joke.