RHONY: Aviva’s Dad, The Perv

If there's a Viagra shortage in Miami, we know who's to blame!

RHONY: Aviva’s Dad, The Perv

The ladies of the Big Apple were kicking it in Miami again this week, offering up an episode that was packed with action… at least as far as The Real Housewives of New York are concerned.

Aviva Drescher was still hosting Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan in her Miami condo, making for a 24-7 tornado of crazy-eyed chaos. Although we didn’t see it, thank heavens, Ramona and Sonja supposedly took a shower together and broke off some of the shower handles in one of Aviva’s bathrooms. Afterward, they were like two 14-year-olds in the bathroom getting ready, so absorbed in themselves that they couldn’t bother to be on time for a dinner party that was being held in the next room.

And that brings us to Aviva’s dad, who, of course, was right on time to meet up with the single ladies of New York. Aviva was trying to set him up with Sonja, but we’re pretty sure he wouldn’t have needed any prodding from his daughter. He was all over the housewives — including Carole Radziwill, who came to dinner, and Ramona, even though Mario was right there — and had absolutely no shame about it.

That leads us into what were the most memorable moments of last night’s show:

George’s Big Mouth and Boner
Last week, Aviva’s dad was hilarious. This week, he was totally disgusting. He told Carole he’d give her “her first squirting orgasm;” seemed a little too enthusiastic about his daughter’s bikini-clad body; grabbed on Sonja incessantly, telling her he had mirrors on his ceiling and was into kinky sex. He asked people if they were multi-orgasmic, and he poked Sonja in the back with his boner at a cocktail party. Even Sonja, the most sexual of this group, was overwhelmed by his perviness. Dude needs to take a break from the little blue pill, for real.

Ra-moan-a’s Obsession
All Aviva wants to do is enjoy life like everyone else without constantly being reminded of her prosthesis. Too bad Ramona seems to think about Aviva’s leg more than she does her 23,000 businesses or goofy husband. Over the course of two days, Ramona was all up in Aviva’s face. “Does it float? You can’t wet your leg! How many legs do you have? I’m not allowing you to put your leg in the water. Do you bring a change of legs? I can’t believe you let it get so wet! Can you blow dry it? That’s not your swimming leg, it’s your high heel leg. Why didn’t you bring your swimming leg?!!”

Another Aviva Phobia?
Apparently, in addition to being scared of heights, airplanes, elevators, ladders, fluffy kittens, string cheese, napkin holders, pine cones, aisle 17 at Target and Monarch butterflies, Aviva is also afraid to stand up for herself. She took Carole aside, told her how annoying Ramona was about her leg, then asked Carole to tell Ramona to back off if she did it again. Aviva needs to speak up. Why not just take that leg and shove it up Ramona’s ass? The high-heeled one, not the swimming one…

How would you react to unpredictable Ramona? Ignore or confront?