RHONY: London Calling

There may not have been any fights, but that doesn't mean the women weren't annoying!

RHONY: London Calling

While we enjoy our Real Housewives of New York with a healthy dose of drama, we do like the occasional side dish of fun, too. And since Ramona Singer remained in the Big Apple, fun is exactly what the other ladies had when they went to London.

LuAnn de Lesseps, Carole Radziwill and Sonja Morgan flew to London to meet up with Heather Thomson, who was there on business. They stayed in a lush penthouse suite, and had fun together as they shopped, drank, chatted and snapped  Polaroid pictures of one another. Yes, they did all battle to talk over LuAnn and Heather. And LuAnn started to grate on Carole’s nerves a bit, too, but nobody came to blows over anything.

Back at home, uninvited-to-London Ramona and Aviva Drescher (who stayed behind because she was afraid to fly) hung out some and had dinner with their hubbies.

Everyone was generally in good spirits, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t annoyed from time to time. Here are the moments that bugged — and you may notice a trend here.

1. Ramona’s interrogation. Aviva must have been out of her mind to invite tactless Ramona to go shoe shopping with her, especially considering that Ramona had never seen her prosthetic leg. Instead of shoes being the focus, Ramona was all about the leg, inspecting it close up, a few feet away and from all the way across the room. She was filled with questions: “Can you wear open toed shoes? Can you wear sandals? Do you have fake toes? Do you get pedicures on both feet? Do you wear a bathing suit on the beach? A real bathing suit? Do you swim in it? Can I touch it?”
She was very complimentary of the leg — “It gives me shivers. … It’s like a piece of artwork!” — but damn, Ramona. Let the lady look for some shoes!

2. Heather’s dinner party. Heather was in London on business for her undergarment line, Yummie Tummie. She invited the ladies to a dinner with all the sales reps, and then made everyone stand up, introduce themselves and say what they liked about her brand. There were like 40-50 people there. Total nightmare to sit through, even if you are a part of the company — but even worse if you’ve been traveling for a million hours, then shopping all day, and are starving to death. Plus, were her friends really expected to chime in on this?

3. Heather’s TV appearance. Don’t get me wrong. It was super nice of Heather to put up the ladies in such a fat pad. But when she asked a sleep-deprived Carole to go with her to her TV appearance at 5:30 a.m., that was asking a little too much. I would never drag a friend out of bed at that hour to come to work with me. It’s true, Carole. Nothing in life is free.

4. Heather’s stupid glasses. I hate to be a hater. OK, not really. Heather’s cheesy, overdone, nose-crinkle smile is almost as annoying as her new, big, black nerd glasses. Look, I love fashion, and I realize a lot of people are wearing these right now. But these stupid glasses remind me of the low-rise jeans trend of yesteryear: They are unflattering on 99 percent of people who wear them, but said people are so desperate to seem cool that they don’t care.

5. Ramona’s appearance. Scheduled to speak to a group, Ramona arrived on the scene and started ripping everything apart. She was mad because there weren’t any huge photos of her. The table wasn’t high enough — she needed a new one right away! But not one that was TOO high. “Some people call me a control freak,” she said. “I call myself a business woman.” I call you an asshole.


  • Kk_gardner

    I love reading these articles but the grammer in this one is kinda bad….I don’t want anyone to think I’m being mean or anything but sometimes people don’t notice it until it’s pointed out! Sorry! I look forward to reading more ;)