RHONY: Ramona and Heather Try to Get Along … Again

See the best and worst moments from last night's show!

RHONY: Ramona and Heather Try to Get Along … Again

Man, I don't know about you, but life sure would be a lot easier if I could have some non-paid interns show up to my house every morning and wait on me hand and foot.

That's the life that Sonja Morgan is enjoying each week on The Real Housewives of New York, and it kind of makes us wonder: How on earth will she manage on vacation in London if she has to brew her own coffee or sort her vitamins by herself? We'll all get to find out next week, as the ladies embark on their international adventure.

But in the meantime, the women took care of their Big Apple business. Here are the five best and worst moments from last night's show.

1. Heather's doctor visit. In no way are we celebrating the health problems of Heather Thomson's son, who had a liver transplant at birth and still experiences complications. But it was nice to see her go to the doctor with him, and further explain what her family deals with on a daily basis, and just be a parent. It made her seem more real, and added a dimension of depth to all this “holla!” business.

2. Sonja in the City. Aviva Drescher wants to have a five year anniversary party for she and her husband, and asked Sonja to plan it. The catch: She wanted to have it around the time the women all return from London, which gives no time for any actual planning since Sonja will be out of town. So, that should cause some drama down the road. Guess Sonja may need those interns after all.

3. Nest egg. Sonja got a check in the mail from American Express, who apparently revoked her privileges after she filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The check was for $1.47. Don't spend it all in one place!

4. Ramona tattles. When Ramona Singer and Heather tried to have another sit-down to discuss their differences, Ramona told Heather the source of all her information was Aviva. We appreciate Ramona's honesty, but she has no concept of keeping someone's confidence, and the bloom might be off the Ramona rose for Aviva. Meanwhile, Heather complained that Aviva was too far up Ramona's ass.

5. Carole scores a deal. Even though she hadn't even finished her novel, The Widow's Guide to Sex and Dating, Carole Radziwill got a phone call saying it had been picked up for a TV pilot. Based on Carole's sense of humor so far, we'd definitely tune in.


1. The smell of desperation. More than once, Aviva brought up how all the “cool girls” were going to London and she was staying home with Ramona. Aviva seems to forget that the reason she's not going is because she's doing-anything-o-phobic. At least she was invited.

2. Pick me, pick me! Aviva compares Ramona's exclusion from the London invite to her being picked for sports teams growing up, but that's not really accurate. Aviva has a leg on which to play sports, just not a real one, whereas Ramona doesn't have a shred of what she needs — social skills — to be asked on a group excursion.

3. Poke me, poke me! LuAnn de Lesseps and Jacques have unsuccessfully been trying to get preggers, so LuAnn went to see a fertility acupuncturist. Too bad they couldn't have thrown in a couple extra needles to combat her bitchiness and improve her singing voice.

4. What? So, let me get this straight. Sonya is trying to start TWO business by herself, yet requires THREE interns, just to help her at home? She says she has the interns to help her “run a five floor house,” manage her clothing rack and aid in reading her emails. I mean, these poor kids have to sort her morning pills for her, while she made some comment about not wanting her brains to fall out of her ass. Sonja wouldn't make it to 10 a.m. living one of my days.

5. What about ME? Ramona let Carole's excitement hang in the air for all of 20 seconds before trying to one-up her. While everyone was still celebrating Carole's success, Ramona butted in to share her news: Her pinot grigio will be for sale in Target stores. Now, who is it that can't stop talking again?

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Would you invite Ramona on your vacation? How should Sonja spend her $1.47?



  • teresa

    I wish they would have got rid of Ramona when they were dumping cast members