RHONY Reunion: Carole and LuAnn Have it Out

RHONY Reunion: Carole and LuAnn Have it Out

It’s a shame if you’re The Real Housewives of New York. What would have otherwise been a decent reunion special seemed boring compared to the antics of Sunday’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. Still, the ladies of the Big Apple managed to get throw a few verbal punches, and the first ones kind of surprised us.

The other women started right in on Carole Radziwill — who, all season, seemed like the least aggravating person on the show– taking her to task for making snide observations during private interviews, instead of telling them to their faces that they were batsh*t crazy. Is that something people really want to hear in person? Anyway, Carole said that by nature, she’s not a person that does a lot of shouting, so she had a hard time asserting herself over the others. But also, Carole explained she tried to have a sense of humor about everything and that everything she said wasn’t literal. Still, the other  ‘wives couldn’t all get down with that, since they were usually the butts of the jokes.

Carole and LuAnn had it out over Carole’s designer friends, Naeem  and Rajana Khan. During the season, Carole got upset when Luann asked to borrow clothes from Naeem, and LuAnn thought she completely overreacted. LuAnn contended that they offered clothes to her. Carole said it wasn’t about the clothes, she was just being protective the Khans, and didn’t want to bring people into their lives (ahem, LuAnn) who would take advantage of their kindness. LuAnn then argued that it would have gotten Khan huge publicity in Life & Style, and Carole retorted, “Life & Style isn’t Vogue, darling.”

In the middle of all this, Andy Cohen asked shapewear designer Heather Thomson what the etiquette was with this kind of situation. She said it’s a pain in the ass to loan out expensive clothes to people, but that she couldn’t say whether LuAnn was right or wrong because she wasn’t there.

In fact, it was Heather who came to the rescue quite a few times, helping mediate differences and also serving as a voice of reason. Even Ramona admits Heather got a lot more likeable throughout the season, and Heather explained she was so nervous when filming began that she tended to spout off at the mouth a lot.

We got to hear more about Aviva’s laundry list of fears, and she expanded a bit about how she came to develop them. We heard, in more detail, the story of her leg. Apparently, she was caught in this farm machinery — a conveyer belt that moves manure out of the barn — for three hours “with my leg being churned into pieces.” She broke down crying, and said she’s fine with not having a leg, but that her mental well-being suffered as a result.

While everyone else looked sympathetic to her experience, Ramona rolled her eyes the whole time.

In a discussion that was more tame than anything that happened during the season, Ramona and Aviva admitted there was no love lost between them. Ramona said she doesn’t let a lot of people in, and she felt like Aviva betrayed her when she called her white trash and a drunk. Aviva felt Ramona wasn’t a good friend to her.

In closing, Ramona had this to say to Aviva: “I wish no ill will towards you. I just think you need a new therapist.” Ouch.

Next week, Heather and Sonja have it out over the toaster oven logo, and LuAnn will explain more about her pirate booty.

Did you enjoy the reunion, or was it a let-down after all the crazy that happened during the season? Do you feel any less irritated by Aviva’s problems after hearing her full story?