RHOC Reunion: ‘Jesus Jugs’ Treated Crew ‘Like Trash’

Plus, we finally found out why Alexis mispronounces so many words -- and it's not because she's dumb.

RHOC Reunion: ‘Jesus Jugs’ Treated Crew ‘Like Trash’

Most of the time, Real Housewives reunion shows are packed with season highlights, followed by a bunch of bickering and insults being hurled to and fro. And that was certainly the case when The Real Housewives of Orange County got back together last night after a tumultuous seventh season.

But we also learned something new during the first part of the reunion special. Apparently, Alexis Bellino is a bitch to pretty much everybody she encounters. Heather Dubrow, who was a working actress for many years, called Alexis out for treating the RHOC crew “like trash,” saying she’d never seen anyone treat a crew so terribly. She said Alexis acted as though the workers on the show were beneath her. (Uh, isn’t EVERYONE beneath Alexis? I mean, seeing as she resides in the heavens with the Lord and all.)

Anyway, slowly, the other ‘wives mentioned that department store staffers had complained to them about how rude Alexis was as well. Apparently Nordstrom staffers set up a Facebook page where they can all go to complain about Jesus Barbie. Perhaps the entire world should stage an intervention for her.

Other highlights/updates:

– Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson are still at odds after their colossal blowout, but they miss each other. Tamra is still suspicious of Brooks, however, and Vicki can’t accept that he doesn’t have to fill everyone’s tank, so it doesn’t look like they’ll be skipping off into the sunset together anytime soon.

– The reason Alexis mispronounces so many words, such as Katie Couric’s last name, is because she has an accent. Kind of like British people. Seriously, that’s what she said. Must be an accent from a land called Stoopid.

– Again, the women went in on Alexis for various things (being phony, bragging too much, talking smack). She shot back, saying Tamra was the rudest of them all, to which Tamra replied, “You’re psychotic, JESUS JUGS!” Aaaand, another new nickname for Alexis was born, with the argument to be continued during part two next week.

Do  you think Alexis is as horrible as the other women say? Or is she just this season’s punching bag?


  • http://twitter.com/Amberwinborn Amberwinborn

    She’s horribler…excuse my grammar, I have an accent.

  • Winecountrygl

    If Alexis wants to be a certain way she is grown let her be that way! She is grown!! People need to stop criticizing other people about acting a certain way. Like Heather said, if she’s not her cup of tea then so be it! It’s not like any of those heiffers are really friends anyway. All these faux dramaventions just make them look high school! Tamra is very mean spirited and a bully… Also, gretchen made fun of Heather’s acting career also, why didn’t they show that clip? And also I am not the biggest religious fanatic but why is everyone OK with Tamra and her Jesus this and Jesus that jokes? Girl do not use the Lords name in vain, shows money CANNOT buy class!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kim-Santre/1264841862 Kim Santre

    Alexis is the most phoney person I have ever met. Besides having a huge ego and she does play the Jesus card way to much. she has let the show get to her head!! I think she likes being a TROPHY WIFE!! Her husband is more rude than she is I have grown to hate her for her stupidity. She thinks she has talent ,NOT!!!!! The girls are not mean spirited they are Honest!!!

  • http://twitter.com/kdlalib Kathryn

    I thoroughly dislike Alexis, but not because she’s supposedly phony. They’re ALL phony. Being phony and materialistic is a central theme to the RH franchise. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

    Alexis gives women a bad name. Her “husband is King;” subsurvient wife attitude bugs me to no end. If she wants to do that, fine. But to put it out there to the viewing public and act like that’s a behavior to be modelled, is appalling. As women, we’ve come so far and fought for our right to be treated as equals.

    Plus, Alexis is a HUGE hypocrite. And yes, many of the other ladies are as well (coughVickicough). She was AWFUL to Peggy Tanous last year, especially at the reunion. She started in on Heather Dubrow with the Angelina Jolie crack well before Heather ever insulted her. It was all right for Alexis to gang up on Vicki in San Francisco, but when the same was done to her, it was bullying. Don’t get me wrong, ganging up on ANYONE is never okay, but Alexis is queen of the double-standard. What’s good for the goose, should be good for the gander.

    • max

      yep , women come a long way since the old days . My dad bought our new house and the kitchen is just off the living room so my ma does’nt have a long way to bring us snax n stuff .And we got a clothes chute on the upstairs landing to the laundry room so she does’nt need to carry our laundry down…but if anys missed my sister gets it so it’s all good . Lol , girls are sooo spoilt these days ;P joking xD

  • Smoopie8500

    Why is it when a person is HONEST and says it like it is they are mean? I think its mean to pretend to be your true friend when your not. I would more want a person to say hey I don’t like you so I can stop wasting my time.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HTFT6H4M2R5CNB2YJ4U325BYPY COCO

    how do I get to the Nordstrom facebook page that the Nordstrom staff set up talking about Alexis and her behavior ??? Help

  • QueenBofOB

    Heather and Tamra are ugly, old bags that are desperate to hold onto their youth. They are both insanely jealous of Alexis. She’s beautiful, has a happy marriage to a man that acts like a man and not a whiney b!tch and they can’t stand it.

  • http://twitter.com/ObiesArmyWife Dannielle Obenchain

    i think she’s just this seasons punching bag if you go back and watch season 6 Tamara only starts to dislike Alexis because she’s friends with Gretchen well now Tamara and Gretchen are friends so if you ask me she shouldn’t be mad at Alexis anymore and Gretchen needs to remember who was there for her when no one else was on the show

  • http://twitter.com/ObiesArmyWife Dannielle Obenchain

    #RHOC i think she’s just this seasons punching bag if you go back and watch season 6 Tamara only starts to dislike Alexis because she’s friends with Gretchen well now Tamara and Gretchen are friends so if you ask me she shouldn’t be mad at Alexis anymore and Gretchen needs to remember who was there for her when no one else was on the show

  • Sharonbarraco

    She is the horriblest! (lowering my grammar for her). Accent? I almost fell off the chair! She is British now? $5,000 says she can’t point out BRITISH on a map (yes, I know it’s Great Britain….bet she doesn’t!)!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001877225742 Erica Ming PopRocks

      …. She wasn’t saying she was British, she was saying she mispronounces words like anyone with an accent would, example: a British person. Maybe you reached too far down and ended up bellow her.

      • L Davies55

        Are you serious…. A British person misspronouncing their own language because of their accent? It’s not the American language, It’s the English language, if she can’t articulate properly, don’t compare her to someone speaking their native tounge. It’s like saying the French don’t speak correctly because of their accent! She’s just not that bright!

  • La_twin275

    Agree with Tamara and Heather comments-let’s throw Gretchen in, as well. They are all trashy and ugly.. They are so soooo jealous of Alexis they can’t stand it. Heather is married to a plastic surgeon, and she could never be that beautiful. They are all jealous, it’s that simple! And for the full frontal feminists-it’s ok to embrace your womanhood and love and honor your husband

  • Loveem22

    It says in Ephesians 5:22 that “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord”. If Alexis really is a Christian, then she is doing exactly what she should be as a Christianly wife.

    Let me also add that all the women are rude, pretentious, snobby, etc. Not a single one of them is innocent in ANY way and I will no longer be watching an episode oh RH. I shouldn’t have watched it this long.

    • Kamknauss

      However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way. (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT

    • Kamknauss

      The bible says all sorts of kooky stuff. It doesn’t make it okay to use it as an excuse for bad behavior.

  • Anna Cole

    Tamra is so disgusting, lol!!!! she really thinks she’s something..her hair, her face, her SKIN, ewwwwwh!!!! I think Alexis nailed it with the “nasty, old, bitter” comment….LMAO!!!!!!And Heather… Don’t even get me started. How did the OC ever make it without all of her bujew wisdom??? Heather: people who have it, don’t need to talk about it, right? Then sit down and shut up! You’re constant rambling on about everything just makes it look like you’re trying way too hard to make people believe you are “smart”-you’re an idiot, and any intelligent person sees that! Really smart people don’t work at trying to make others feel stupid!!! PLEASE do the NY, Bravo, and start over with the cast!!!! Nobody interesting anymore on the OC but Alexis and Vicki-though technically the only “housewives” are Alexis and Hd….the show needs more wives!!! And keep it classy, already! So sick of the wt!!!!

  • Fred_linda

    Christians know they are unconditionally loved by God, so loved that God gave up his only son take the ultimate, excrutiating punishment of all the people of the earth. (He had to do this because by His very nature He is just). They are saved from paying the price themselves by their faith, not by any particular good act of their own. However, many christians forget that whilehis/her heart is turned toward doing good, they are still a work in progress; they have weaknesses others may see, but they do not or will not. There is a Bible vetse that says there are things God hates; one is a”haughty look”. If Alexis is truly as mean to people she meets as the other ladies say, she needs to fess up to it, turn around and start treating people as the valuable gift they are created to be. Alexia lives the Lord, but she needs to examine her own thoughts and actions toward people.

  • Vms201

    Personally I like both Alexis and Tamra…… Alexis seems to be a nice person,but she just gets waaaay too defensive about things. Tamra seems nice as well, but has a strong personality that some ppl may not be able to/want to handle. The one thing I didn’t like at the reunion was the “Jesus Jugs” thing….. that would be like calling someone. Jewish “Menorah Mouth” or a Muslim “Allah Ass” …idk, it just seems too immature and almost discriminatory

  • QueenBofOB

    All I have to say is I’d rather have a King Jim than a Queen Terry for a husband.

    • Nickynshaz


  • Sandy7duncan

    Alexis is dumb as dogshit, she acts like a 12 yr old, and as for her husband , I thought they coulnt be apart , both seem to be apart alot now, typical hypercritical religious people:-)

    • Nickynshaz

      true..she let him be a man just because he is the one who provide her financially and is loaded?..(not really sure) if not she’ll be with someone else already trust me..she ‘s more like a gold digger. ain’t that’s why she left her first husband coz he got no money??

  • lyv

    Alexis is a horrible person. She’s rude, phony, and an idiot. I cannot believe anyone would like this vapid crusty bitch.