RECAP: LuAnn Vs. Ramona

Plus, which new housewife has been hit on by famous lesbians?

RECAP: LuAnn Vs. Ramona

While the new girls on The Real Housewives of New York continued promising not to turn into catty bitches, LuAnn de Lesseps and Ramona Singer had it out on a bench in the middle of the park.

The veteran fusspots met up to hash out problems that have been ongoing since last season, and frankly we’re pretty much over it. The two struck a truce at the end, but not before Ramona and her bulging eyes called LuAnn snide, condescending, a liar, crazy, and an inattentive mother, while LuAnn and her high horse accused Ramona of threats and blackmail.

At some point, it all just started sounding like the parents and teachers in all the Peanuts specials. Wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-waaaaaah.

Here’s the thing: Sonja Morgan isn’t the only one who likes things fresh. To us, last night’s episode was more about getting to know the new cast members, and we feel more than qualified to pass judgment on them now. So, here goes:

Aviva Drescher: In this episode, it was confirmed that Aviva’s ex-husband slept with both Sonja and LuAnn at some point, which means by the degree of separation rule, Aviva has also bedded the party girl and the Countess. Awkward! Last night, Aviva and Carole went shopping at a store filled with furry coats and leopard prints (were they in New Jersey?), where the discussed the other women.
Also, Aviva shared that her husband is her best friend and she misses him when he goes to work.
Finally, Aviva met up with Ramona to get to know her better, and also to hear her side of the story on her blowout with the Countess. Aviva will likely play the role of a narrator and mediator. She seems like the type who will be everyone’s friend… which means she’ll probably need some Prozac before her stint on this show is over.

Heather Thomson: We were less annoyed by Heather this week than we were in the premiere episode, probably because she only talked about death and liver disease about 14 times instead of 1,253. In last night’s ep, we learned that she’s Protestant married to the son of a famous Jewish rabbi, and she’s in the process of converting. And we also found out she spoils the crap out of her six-year-old son — he’s got liver problems, have you heard? — to help make up for all his doctor visits. And that two famous lesbians have hit on her, but she failed to mention who.
Heather is the most youthful of the bunch, but it’s kind of hard to relate to someone who says “Holla!” seriously and not as a joke, as she does in her intro. Because she says what’s on her mind, though, we see her being Ramona’s newest frienemy. A blowout between the two is imminent — and we’ll take it, if it means we don’t have to see all this bellyaching between Ramona and LuAnn anymore.

Carole Radziwill: The coolest thing about Carole is that she’s smart and funny and accomplished, but unlike everyone else, doesn’t feel the need to wave it in everyone’s face like Ramona or Heather. Carole’s work on ABC with Peter Jennings and Diane Sawyer only came out when Ramona asked her specifically what she did for the news channel. We also learned this week that Carole is in a relationship with a musician, and when he goes on the road they both sleep with whoever they want do their own thing, no questions asked.
Clearly, she’s not the competitive or jealous type, so perhaps she’ll be the new moral touchstone/comic relief? Nobody has aptly filled that role since Bethenny Frankel left. Meantime, we predict she’ll be more of an observer in this hot mess, collecting fodder for her next book about spoiled, rich women in Manhattan.


Tell us! Who do you think hit on Heather? Which new housewife is the best addition to the cast?