RECAP: Ramona’s Pinot Rants

Ramona plus wine, always a good time!

RECAP: Ramona’s Pinot Rants

We’ve got good news and bad news.

The good: the new Real Housewives of New York seem to be settling into their roles on the show. The bad: Turns out we’re probably only going to like one of them (Carole Radziwill). But if they were all likable, the show would be a snooze, so that’s fine by us.

In last night’s ep, the drama over Ramona Singer’s exclusion from Heather Thomson’s London trip continued, and the ladies attended a party for Sonja Morgan, who was featured on the cover of a local magazine.

Here’s a summary of our love/hate relationship with last night’s episode… and people.


1. Jump start:
Carole had a sugar cookie for breakfast, and Sonja had a chocolate shake and a chocolate bar … in bed. Who needs coffee when you can just jump straight into a sugar rush?

2. Name calling: In confessional, Carole called Ramona “Miss Bossy Pants,” and compared LuAnn de Lesseps’ constant name-dropping of European royals to having “Royalty Tourette’s.” Meanwhile, LuAnn called Heather “gangster chic” for inviting everyone but Ramona to London.

3. Type, don’t talk: Sonja’s voice mail is constantly full because she hates listening to people’s rambling messages. She’d rather get a text or email. (Amen, sister!)

4. Jumping ship: Sonja blew off having lunch with her pal Ramona in order to instead meet Ramona’s frienemy, LuAnn, for a bite to eat. And, that’s surely gonna come back to bite her.

5. Ramona guzzles wine:
Hell hath no fury like a crazy-eyed housewife who guzzles a glass of pinot grigio like an athlete downs Gatorade after a marathon. After a few glasses of wine, Ramona marches over to Sonja and — gently, for Ramona — takes her to task for agreeing to go on Heather’s London trip when she wasn’t even invited. Sonja tells Ramona that trips aren’t like cocktail parties — for example, you usually don’t invite everyone you know — and that she should get over it. Ramona walks away in a huff and drags Mario out of the party. Sonja takes it all in stride, chalking it up to “Ramona just being Ramona.” Is this the start of trouble in paradise for the two friends?


1. Get a clock! Heather admits to Aviva Drescher that she’s always late everywhere she goes. Few things are more rude than not respecting other people’s time. Maybe Heather needs to wear one of Flavor Flav’s clocks to keep her on track.

2. Avivaphobia: We’re not trying to be insensitive to Aviva’s issues. Oh, who are we kidding? Her phobias are really starting to get on our nerves and we’re only a handful of episodes into the season. This time around, she asked Heather to hold her hand in the elevator, and declined to go on the London trip because “Reid is my safety blanket. I feel to anxious to go and not have be on my arm.”

3. Trying too hard: Aviva tries too hard to be nice, and seemingly wants to get along with everyone. What that means, for example, is that when Heather (and others) talk about Ramona monopolizing conversations, Aviva completely agrees, and even adds her two cents about it. But when she’s with Ramona, she’s like, Oh, you don’t talk too much! You can talk my ear off ANY time! Hopefully, Reid will be there to hold her hand when Ramona finds out, because THAT is something to be afraid of.

4. The invite: We agree, Heather shouldn’t feel obligated to invite Ramona on an international excursion if she doesn’t like her. But it is clearly an elephant in the room when every other person was included, so Heather should probably at least acknowledge the situation to Ramona. Instead, she greets her with kisses and meets her for drinks and pretends like there isn’t this awkwardness hanging out there.

5. Being impersonal: Some of the women are annoyed that Heather doesn’t plan her own social outings, that she has her assistant handle it all.  We kind of get that. I mean, when she is dealing with alleged friends, surely she could take four seconds to send a group text that says, “Can you guys do brunch at 10 a.m. Thursday?” Maybe if she didn’t talk so much, she could find the time.

What do you think of this whole London thing? Is Ramona overreacting? Is Heather handling it right? Should Sonja go without Ramona?