RHOA: Kenya and Cynthia Butt Heads

Also, can Kim find her dream house before the baby arrives?

RHOA: Kenya and Cynthia Butt Heads

Only two episodes into the season, Real Housewife of Atlanta Kenya Moore continued to ruffle feathers and weaves with her sharp tongue and bigger-than-life personality.

Kenya met with Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks for lunch, and wasn’t shy about sharing her disdain for Cynthia Bailey.  She told them of her experience co-judging the JET casting call, saying “I felt like I was in the Wizard of Oz and (Cynthia) was the scarecrow lookin’ for a brain.” Soooo, does that make Kenya the heartless Tin Man? I mean, it takes a lot of nerve to talk sh*t about someone to their circle, especially when you’re the newcomer.

Phaedra and Kandi ate it up, though, laughing at how brash and frank she was. Something tells us they won’t be laughing later, when it’s their turn in Kenya’s barrel. Kenya even had trouble being gracious when her aunt brought her flowers. “Oh, Walmart special! Thank you,” she said, only half joking.

But Kenya’s dinner with her on-again boyfriend, Walter, was the when she kicked it into high diva mode. After dating the guy off and on, long distance, for two years, she told him that, at 41, she was ready to get married and have kids. Subtle as a brick to the face.

While he was still digesting that bit of info, she asked him about any skeletons he might have in his closet: Was there anything that might embarrass her? He admitted that, at some point, he had asked Kandi out on a date, and she said no. By Kenya’s reaction, you’d think he told her he had 20 kids by 15 baby mommas, and also, the clap.

She stalked off to the bathroom, then came back and said, “I need some time to think about what you said. We’ll talk about it later.” Dude.They never even went out.

Kenya dealt her final blow of the night during a party that Cynthia threw to celebrate NeNe’s new sitcom. After Cynthia made a nice little speech, Kenya felt compelled to grab the mic steal the spotlight and say a few words of her own. It’s gonna be a battle of the beauties this season!

In other news, NeNe took part in a gay pride parade in L.A. to promote The New Normal, and was brought to tears by the amount of fans she had. “I can’t believe how many people know who the hell I am!” We were actually kind of stunned, too. If they get this excited for NeNe, I can’t imagine what it must be like to be an A-list celeb there.

NeNe had this wisdom to impart about the gay community:  “I love my gays! They invented everything — nail polish, weaves, earrings, and how to walk.”

Meanwhile, Kim was still worried about where to live when her lease ends. Sweetie — Kim’s former assistant who was rehired — suggested she temporarily go back to her townhouse until she found a suitable place. No sense in rushing things if you’re looking to buy a multi-million dollar home after all.

Kim balked at the idea, though, because her 4,000 or so square foot townhouse just isn’t big enough. “We need every inch of our 7,000 square feet (house),” she said. “In the townhouse, I don’t have a pool. KJ doesn’t have a basketball court to run on.” Let’s all say it together now: First. World. Problems.

To celebrate Kim’s birthday, hubby Kroy took her to a private, romantic dinner on a yacht. At this stage in her pregnancy, she said, “I don’t even want to leave the house unless it’s to get food.” Not only did she get some top-notch vittles, she also scored a huge diamond bracelet — the same one she borrowed to wear down the aisle on her wedding day.

I sure hope Kroy has a good financial planner because a pro sports career only last so long, but Kim’s materialism is gonna last a lifetime.


What do you think of Kenya?


  • housewivelova

    I think Kim claimed the house was 17,000 square feet; either way that is too much room for anyone unless you are the Partridge family. I was only able to watch part of last week’s episode because I had to finish some work at DISH. I wasn’t sure I would make it home for the re-runs so I recorded it on my DISH Hopper. There is so much DVR recording room I’m recording the rest of the season. I guess we won’t have to worry about Kim much longer since she is being replaced by a new housewife in a few weeks.

  • irishtxn

    After seeing that episode, I now don’t care what title Kenya held or what she does for a living! She just brought out the Ghetto in her and it doesn’t show her in a favorable light! They way she was speaking to and with Cynthia and then when she was on her date, I just thought “kick’er to the curb”!