Rudy Huxtable: The New Real Housewife of Atlanta?!

Keisha Knight Pulliam is all grown up, but is she or isn't she joining RHOA?

Rudy Huxtable: The New Real Housewife of Atlanta?!

She's already denying it on Twitter, but rumors are rampant that Keisha Knight Pulliam, best known as the irrepressible youngest daughter on The Cosby Show, is joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Can this be?!?! And if little Rudy is old enough to be a Real Housewife, then how old are we???

One local gossip site is reporting that she's been filming with the cast for several weeks. Knight Pulliam made a cameo on the show with NeNe Leakes last season.

Knight Pulliam is not actually married, but that's never stopped any Real Housewives before. Most of them seem to get divorced after they get a taste of reality TV fame, anyway.

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  • Cory

    She’s not married, nor has she ever been, nor does she have any children. So what’s the point? I know basically none of the housewives are, but most of them were at one point. She’s already made a cameo on the show, so I wouldn’t put it pass them.

  • Colette Lala

    Of course I’d watch…. Buuuuuud.

  • Mhaupt

    of course I’d watch lol………………………….