Villain Of The Week: Teresa Strips The Title

The housewife around whom all the trouble swirls.

Villain Of The Week: Teresa Strips The Title

Teresa Giudice has become the de facto star of Real Housewives of New Jersey, thanks to some world class villainy this season. As RHoNJ moves into a few weeks of reunion shows, let us salute Teresa by saying, “You know how she treats her ‘friends?’ Get a look at how she treats her family!”

There are a lot of reasons to be down on Teresa – her self-promotion, her lack of taste, her marriage to someone who may not be a primate – but her most annoying trait by far is her refusal to own her villainy, or admit to anything. If she trashes you in her latest cover story (and there seems to be a new one every week), it’s always a misquote.  If she throws in little digs against family members in her cookbook – and seriously, who does that? – she will apologize if it’s insisted upon, but will wonder why the injured parties can’t take a joke.

The ironic thing about the drama surrounding Teresa in last week’s season finale is that it was so low on the list of her offenses over the years. Diagramming the accusations and counter-accusations would take forever, but suffice it to say that Teresa’s sister-in-law Melissa drew the conclusion that Teresa set her up to be embarrassed by spreading gossip that she used to be a stripper. Teresa’s role in all this was murky, since it seems as though she probably did believe the rumor, and the other Housewives all suddenly recalled that she had mentioned something about the stripper issue in the past.

The bottom line now is that the women are enemies again, and Melissa’s husband Joe Gorga is claiming he wants nothing else to do with his sister Teresa. There’s a lot of money at stake for all sides – and goodness knows the Giudices are always in need of more money – so we can expect all this to be solved prior to the start of next season, at least to the point where all the women can hang out for a little while before furniture is thrown.

Even if one buys that Teresa’s gossiping didn’t directly fuel the latest scrape, she is really just reaping what she’s sown. No one trusts her, and she has shown herself to be unworthy of trust time and again. Friends and family are just accessories, something else that can be sold to the tabloids to fund the next plastic surgery or luxurious vacation. We’d prefer a villain who was more sure of herself, but her poorly acted denials will suffice.

How does Teresa stack up against other Housewives villains?