8 Memorable On Air Reality TV Proposals

For those who love very public displays of affection...

8 Memorable On Air Reality TV Proposals

With Valentines day coming up, those of us at Reality Nation thought it’d be fun to dredge up some of Reality TV’s most memorable on air wedding proposals. We were hoping to find a Flavor Flav proposal to Hoopz, but turns out it never happened. We did dig up a clip of Brendon proposing to Rachel Reilly on Super Pass. And remember that show Mobbed? When flash mob dancers and actors harassed innocent bystanders? Poor people. Anyhow, along with the proposal links below is a photo of the couple and a silly grading scale that has no purpose but to be fun. So get ready love birds! These eight “Will you marry me?” moments will surely make you laugh and/or cry.

Boston Rob and Amber at Survivor Finale

Memorable Reality TV Proposals

During the Survivor All Stars finale (and before finding out she was the winner), Rob, or Boston Rob he’s since been dubbed, turned to his former Survivor teammate and popped the big question during the live broadcast. She said yes, they kissed and the audience stood up to cheer. Some say say it has been one of the best proposals aired on television. I say it’s a little too public for my liking.

Surprise Factor: B+ — I didn’t see it coming until he started his speech and took that big gulp. So my guess is she didn’t see it coming either.
Romance Factor: C - — Having your man state his undying love for you on TV is cool, but a proposal on a staged set?  Too easy. Where are the personal touches? The flowers and candles? Or at least something Boston-esque?
Cheese Factor: A - — Simple and straight to the point, the way proposals should be.
Overall Proposal Rating: A-
Movie worthy? Not really.

Video: Rob proposes to Amber


Ben Flajnik and Ashley Hebert during The Final Rose

On The Bachelorette Season 7 Ashley Hebert watched Ben Flajnik get down on one knee and propose all the while knowing she was going to say no. Goo! The only thing worse than be rejected during a proposal is being rejected on national TV. Although some may say it was his lucky break. Ben received another chance at love when he was featured on The Bachelor, but that didn’t end too well either. The evil Courtney Robertson said yes on his second go round, but less than three months later the two broke up. Poor Ben.

Surprise Factor: F – We all knew it was coming.
Romance Factor: B - — At least the Final Rose spot was pretty to look at… right?
Cheese Factor: D — It was so awkward and uncomfortable to watch. On another note: why on earth didn’t she stop him once he got on his knee?
Overall Proposal Rating: F – Epic failure.
Movie worthy? Yes! The rejection is totally something that would happen to Reese Witherspoon during a romantic comedy.

Video: Ben proposes to Ashley


Mike Boogie to Krista during Big Brother 2 Finale

Memorable Reality TV proposals

Some people claim that Mike Boogie proposed to Krista simply to gain attention, while others—although a small few—believed his intentions were legit. Regardless the showmance officially ended a couple months after the finale and yet we’re still talking about it years later. I’d say that’s a point for the Boog-man.

Surprise Factor: A –- Everyone was surprised, no one so much as Krista.
Romance Factor: D- — I’ll give Boogie credit for proposing on TV but to do it in a Chill Town basketball jersey while wearing a backwards visor. Really?
Cheese Factor: C - -– Funny how Boogie seems so young, and how so much has happened since this BB moment but even he must cringe while watching this video.
Overall Proposal: C – It’s definitely a moment to remember, if for nothing else to see Boogie in his younger years. Thanks YouTube!
Movie Worthy? Absolutely not. And if it did exist it would be on VHS somewhere in the back of Block Buster Videos.

Video: Mike proposes to Krista


Ace Young to Diana DeGarmo during the 2012 American Idol Finale

Memorable Reality Tv Proposals

Ace and Diana met while working on Broadway together, but it was on the American Idol stage that the former Season 5 contestant proposed to his lady, a Season 3 American Idol contestant and runner up to Fantasia. Pretending to be cute and impromptu, Ryan Seacrest called the pair on stage during the 2012 finale. Once on stage and introduced, Ryan asked the lights be dimmed and it was then Ace took over and asked Diana to marry him. She said yes and nearly everyone cried, except Mr. Seacrest. His eyes welled.

Surprise Factor: A- — This took some planning since the two weren’t actually participating in the season that was airing at the time.
Romance Factor: D – –Who wants to hear the American Idol theme song after such a sincere moment? Not me.
Cheese Factor: C – — If Ace had flicked his long hair behind his shoulders while on his knee, it would have been the ultimate cheese-fest. But he didn’t. And the couple looked super cute and happy together.
Overall Proposal rating: C+ I like that Ace and Diana celebrated their love with something they both have a passion for—music.
Movie worthy? Perhaps, but it’d be a straight to DVD cinema flop.

Video: Ace proposes to Diana


Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian on Keeping Up With the Kardashians 

memorable on air Reality TV ptoposals

We all know how this proposal ends, which has now turned into an ugly-drawn out divorce lawsuit. But I give Kris props for his choice to propose to Kim in her bedroom, a place that’s intimate and private (except for the cameraman in the room that will show the whole engagement to the world later). As for the rose petal arrangements and lit candles—it’s a little cliché but I’m sure that’s the producers’ fault. There’s no way ditzy Kris came up with that plan, or at least no way he used those big old ogre hands to light those little candles.

Surprise Factor: A+ — No one saw this coming so soon.
Romance Factor: B - — How romantic can one be with a camera in his face?
Cheese Factor: B – — While cute, the idea was more what I think men think women want. What most women really want is just a man’s undivided attention, and maybe a diamond or two. Wink. Wink.
Overall Proposal Rating: B+ — But like they say, if it seems to good to be true it usually is—RIP Mr. Kris Kardashian.
Movie Worthy? If you include the break up (and now being knocked up with another man’s baby without being officially divorced), it’s a movie featured on cable—a total Lifetime special!

Video: Kris proposes to Kim


Benjamin Norris to boyfriend Ben on Big Brother Australia Finale

Memorable Reality Tv proposals

Already on a high from winning the ultimate Big Brother prize, Norris pressed his luck by asking his boyfriend, also named Ben, to marry him on stage during the Big Brother Australia finale. Everyone seemed to be surprised by the impromptu proposal, including host Sonia Kruger. Even sweeter than the heart-felt proposal is that Norris gave his beau an heirloom ring that has been passed down through his family, and made the following comment, “Since I’ve met Ben all I wanted is for him to be a part of my family.” Swoon.

Surprise Factor: A+ — No one saw this coming.
Romance Factor: B+ — These dudes are so excited to be in each other’s presence again that no romantic setting was needed!
Cheese Factor: A –- The proposal was so sincere and genuine, Benjamin nearly forgets to ask his man to main question—will you marry me? But when he does it’s all smiles, hugs and smooches.
Over Proposal Rating: A+ — Totally adorable.
Movie Worthy? Maybe not, but I’d watch a reality TV show featuring the two love birds.

Video: Benjamin proposes to Ben


Brendon Villegas to Rachel on Reality Nation’s SuperPass

Reality Nation memorable Wedding Proposals
It took two proposals but ultimately Rachel received the vintage ring that Brendon thought she deserved. The first go round, Brendon bought Rachel a $150 wedding band and played the broke student card. The second go round he was thoughtful enough to share the event on Reality Nation’s SuperPass so his fans could join in the celebration. Super fun!

Surprise Factor: A — Who expects to be proposed to twice?
Romance Factor: C — Referring to yourself in the third person and claiming not to be romantic is not really romantic at all, but at least Rachel didn’t seem to mind.
Cheese Factor: B+ — Brendon may not be the most romantic guy, but the it’s the thought that matters and clearly he loves his lady.
Overall Proposal Rating: B+
Movie Worthy? Maybe a one-hour documentary, like a True Hollywood Story about the couple.

Video: Brendon proposes to Rachel


Mobbed Flash Mob Proposal 

Memorable Reality TV Proposals

This poor girl. Unbeknownst to his future bride, a man signed he and his future bride up for a TV show called Mobbed. He wanted to propose in an elaborate way, which included using the help of host Howie Mandall and at least a hundred dancers and actors. After first suffering a prank and then taking a ride on the MOBBED emotional roller coaster through the Americana at Glendale, California, it must have taken her days to process that she was actually engaged, no married, to her boyfriend of three years.

Surprise Factor: A+ — Those tears were definitely real.
Romance Factor: B — I’m split on this one. On way hand having a community put so much effort into a proposal feels like a nice idea, but then it’s also very public. And on TV. And awkward at times. What’s a girl to do while all this craziness is happening around her?
Cheese Factor: B - — It was a sweet idea.
Overall Proposal Rating: A -
Movie Worthy? I think they already made a movie about this called Step It Up 3.

Video: Mobbed proposal

[Note: It has been brought to our attention that Rob is spelled incorrectly in the above poll but unfortunately it cannot be corrected without erasing votes. So please pardon our mistake and give your eyeballs our sincerest apologies. Cheers!]

Comment below with your favorite proposals missing from our list! 



  • http://www.facebook.com/foodhussy Heather Johnson

    I thought Ace & Diana was HORRIBLE! He was so schmaltzy and was plugging the jeweler and everybody else. There was NO romance. Awful!

  • bjo2298

    Rob Brkich! Really!!!!! Do you people ever really watch the shows you write about????? It’s Rob Mariano…..probably the most famous Survivor personality ever!!!!!!! And then in the vote part you have Boston Ron!!!!! I am glad you included Ben/Ben of Australia’s Big Brother as that was a great season with a lot of fun personalities on it. But we all know all you do is youtube parts of the shows and think you know everything. I am D-U-N done with Reality Nation!!! Get some REAL fans of the shows to write your articles!!

    • http://twitter.com/ChelsiaHart Chelsia Hart

      Ooops, my bad, I missed that before publishing! Our writers pitched their favorite moments to Jana so she could write the article. Jana has seen a few seasons of Survivor, but is not a superfan. This was an honest mistake, and I’m sorry we’re losing you as a reader. I’m sure if you read other sites you’ll find mistakes every now and then – nobody is perfect. Thanks for pointing out the mistake.

    • Thomasg122

      who cares….. get lost with your negstive ass

  • http://twitter.com/gaborrr gaborrr

    I think both Brendon and Rachel are very romantic and doing a mock wedding on BB with whatever they had at that point shows that!! Also the imagination and creativity involved in the proposal is another terrific reason.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tamarahenry Tamara Henry
  • Corndogger

    Rob proposing to Amber on TV might not have been romantic but it sure was valuable to them. It resulted in numerous additional reality show appearances in which they won a lot of money and they got their wedding televised and paid for. I doubt Amber cares one bit if it wasn’t romantic.