Amber Portwood Gets 5 Years In Prison

The troubled Teen Mom failed a urine test.

Amber Portwood Gets 5 Years In Prison

The original cast of Teen Mom is hanging it up after the coming season, which premieres next Tuesday – as it turns out, just in time for Amber Portwood, who probably won’t be in any reunion shows given the latest news.

An Indiana judge has sentenced the now 22-year-old Portwood to five years in prison, as a result of her refusal to complete a court-ordered drug treatment program. The judge had offered her a deal earlier this year: her sentence would be suspended, provided she completed the program and pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance. Last week, Portwood told her judge that she had “been a bad girl” while in the program (she failed a urine test), and was refusing to follow through with further treatment.

Amber’s legal issues began late in 2010, when she repeatedly struck Gary Shirley, the father of their daughter Leah (this incident was captured by Teen Mom cameras). She was given a suspended sentence and probation on domestic violence charges, but violated that probation late in 2011, when she was allegedly involved in a drunken restaurant fight. Authorities later found pills in her possession that she did not have a prescription for; this brought on the order of treatment which Portwood has seen fit to ignore.

Leah, now 3, is in custody of Shirley (he and Portwood are no longer a couple).

Does this news make you more likely to watch the last season of Teen Mom?


  • Michelle Williams Falk

    Actually she asked the judge for jail because treatment wasn’t working for her. If by going to jail, at her request, helps her then that is what matters.

  • Sandyk

    I hope Amber gets the help she so desperately needs..

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