Best of 2011 Results

Best of 2011 Results

2011 is now a thing of the past, but what did we learn about the year in reality TV through our end-of-the-year polls? We learned that people love Big Brother but like Survivor host Jeff Probst just as much. We learned that Russell Hantz was a little more evil than Bentley from The Bachelorette. We learned Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd fans are as passionate as ever. But we also learned that Mikayla Wingle’s fans can’t be counted out.

In the most heated race of all, Survivor’s Mikayla went head-to-head with Big Brother’s Jordan and the fans were at a war of words in the comments section. And for the record, the polls were investigated and there were no signs of cheating or poll hacking. It’s still unclear why the poll closed early, but it seems as if it may have been overloaded with votes, from you — the fans. Can we say rematch?

So what were the final tallies? Here you go:

Hottest Reality Cast

  1. Big Brother 13 66.9 %
  2. Dirty Soap 8.26 %
  3. Bachelor Pad 7.65 %

Most Shocking Big Brother Moment

  1. Shelly Turns on Jeff and Jordan 45.83 %
  2. Dick Leaves The Show 16.3 %
  3. Rachel beats the odds and wins 15.4 %

Best Reality Show Host

  1. Jeff Probst 32.84 %
  2. Julie Chen 27.27 %
  3. Phil Keoghan 11.44 %

Reality Show MVP

  1. Rachel Reilly 40.86 %
  2. Rob Mariano 36.1  %
  3. Sophie Clark 7.13 %

Most Evil Reaily Star

  1. Russell Hantz 35.6 %
  2. Bentley 27.45 %
  3. Vienna 13.59  %

Favorite Reality Show

  1. Big Brother 13 76.84 %
  2. Survivor SP 6.76 %
  3. Survivor RI 4.71 %

Hottest Female Reality Star

  1. Jordan Lloyd 35.39 %
  2. Mikayla Wingle 31.84 %
  3. Whitney Duncan 7.83 %

Hottest Male Reality Star

  1. Jeff Schroeder  76.98 %
  2. Dominic Briones 7.53 %
  3. Ozzy Lusth 5.1 %


  • Kristina Klausser

    “It’s still unclear why the poll closed early”

    Uh, doesn’t whoever wrote this work for this site? And the site closed the poll. So, why the confusion? Maybe you guys should work on your inter-office communication skills?

    • Chelsia Hart

      I totally understand where you are coming from. The poll was set to end at 11:59pm PT on 12/31/2011 – it’s still set to that time.

      • Guest

        Hey Chelsia,

        Do you happen to know why the numbers would sometimes decrease for some of the girls’ in the poll? I remember at times voting and then when the page would load again the total votes would be one or two votes lower instead of one higher.

        • guest

          oh chelsia knows why she just isnt saying because reality nation knows that there was cheating going on…but omg they will not try something new like tell the truth

          • Chelsia Hart

            Hey, look up! We don’t cheat and don’t hide things from our readers – sorry you feel that way.

          • guest

            It is a shame that i and many others have to feel that way….What is wrong in my opinion is that you claim to be friends with jeff and jordan but even you cant take the votes for what they are and are trying to stir the pot by you and your employers insinuating a rematch!!! If there was no cheating going on as you state,then why would there be a need for a rematch the votes should stand as they are and leave well enough alone,instead of promoting hate and discontent….The comments that have been made on this site are sickening and you and your employers allow it,the personal attacks on jeff and jordan and their fans are terrible..Think of it this way chelsia..Would you like it if a bunch of crap was posted on here about how trashy you acted in your season with james? I Think not and it shouldnt be allowed..

        • Chelsia Hart

          I don’t know. Did the votes come back later? I’ll check with the polling company.

      • Michael Bristow

        You did a good job Chelsia, not everybody realizes Real Player was involved

      • Kristina Klausser

        I get it but why would the article would even say that. It just seems like some of this is being written to provoke people and start drama.

        • guest

          Could not agree with you more kristina it is so clear what reality nation is trying to do here..they cant just leave well enough alone..the poll has closed and the winners are clear so they just need to STFU and leave it alone

  • Michael Bristow

    Big Brother has one of the strongest fan basses and is used to votting weekly, or more often. Therefore ,Big Brother dominates votting particiation. Looks like after some votes were finished, other shows got fans geared up for one of their players, for a last minute blitz. Thats fan based. Reality Nation was fair.

    • Guest

      Jeff and Jordan of BB has one of thestrongest, biggest, organized and dedicated fan base of the RS BB. Why?They are real, funny and what you see is what you get. Their fans are really loyal to them and really supports them in what they do. The last time they were on a radio show the web site crashed from the amount of people trying to listen. Their fan base is that crazy.

  • Cdddcdd

    Umm, I’m sorry but Whitney Duncan looks 10x better then Jordan and Mikayla.. why isn’t BB13 Cassi on the list?!?!

    • Michael Bristow

      Cassi was first on the ballot. She finisheed 4th.

    • guest

      Again that is your opinion…but the poll clearly shows who the true winner is…Cassi was on the poll..what people need to stop and realize when they are voting is that beauty comes from within as well on the outside and right now my opinion is that reality nation are the ugliest people i have ever seen

    • Cindy R

      Dani Donato looks better than any of them.

  • Kaytee Young

    Lol sometimes the things that happen in these polls on here crack me up, but I agree with the results 100%, calll me a biased BB Fan, I dont care. Thank you to the opinionated people and the drama for always making me die laughing.

    And give RN a break, sometimes things happen that not even they can control. Doesnt mean things are rigged, I mean its not like we are voting for the president or the death penalty or anything. Things can go wrong with the site. That goes with any website.

    **Yay Rachel for MVP** lol

  • Krcf

    I don’t think Reality Nation cheats as in they are trying to promote a certain person, but I’m very frustrated by being unable to vote again after more than 24 hrs. Same thing happened in the Biggest BB fan poll. I’d get a message that my vote had already been counted. I’m not mistaken because I wrote down the times that I voted.

  • guest

    Why stir the pot yet again? It is clear that jordan won the poll and that there was cheating going on when clearly jordan was winning by a landslide…I think you should stop making up these stupid polls but then again you wouldnt be reality nation would you!!!Why do you want a rematch if there was clearly no cheating involved? The best person won and you should just leave it at that!I think reality nation loves to see people being downright mean to others in their comments..Keeps em comming doesnt it..yet lots of people have cancelled their subscriptions to superpass because of your shady tactics…how many times are you gonna “redo” the poll until you get the result that “reality nation” wants,and oh by the way keep employing people like chelsia hart who is the consumate “SHit Stirrer” reflects well on your site..really does…Your stupid polls reflect what is wrong with america today,and why there are so many people with eating disorders,and killing themselves,because so much emphasis is put on beauty,well beauty is not just on the outside,beauty comes from the inside as well…Moral of this story is what i have learned from reality nation/superpass over the past couple of weeks is that you are a pack of morons,hellbent on promoting hate and discontent amongst the people that have kept you employed for this long….why dont you try something new in the year 2012 report on stuff that people actually give a shit about,and stop trying to spread your hate

    • Mark

      BRAVO !!!! This is the best post I’ve read on this site !!! 100% TRUE !!!

  • JEJO Fan 1

    I think the results speak for The tenacity of BIG BROTHER FANS! Whether your a JeJoFan(like myself) or just a fan of the show ( Fan since season 1), BB fans LOVE the show and like to voice our opinions LOUDLY and FREQUENLY! Congrats Jeff and Jordan!!

  • pfft

    Oh poor JJ fans are unhappy …who gives a chit….get off the planet and take the lazy JJs with you!

  • guest

    Why is it that any comment that might have an opinion about reality nation or its employees is removed,but any negative comment that is made toward jeff or jordan or for that matter any other big brother player is kept here?You allow people to tear each other down,but want to make yourselves look good..sorry but i feel like if your gonna keep some of the comments on here then you should keep them all,even if you dont like it..Fairness needs to be all the way around