Best Reality Show Host?

Best Reality Show Host?

UPDATE: Due to a glitch, Jeff Probst’s entry was omitted from the poll.  The Survivor host is a part of the poll now.

They keep shows from running long. They ask the contestants all the important questions. And then take us to commercial breaks at the worst possible times. They’re the reality show hosts and as 2011 is coming to a close so it’s time to look back on the year and remember which reality show host we liked the best. We’ve narrowed the list for you from our favorite reality shows and yours, but it’s up to you to vote for the one host that did their job the best.

You can vote only once every 24 hours. And stay tuned for the results at the beginning of the year.






Ryan Seacrest, American Idol











Alison Sweeney, The Biggest Loser












Phil Keoghan, The Amazing Race











Julie Chen, Big Brother














Cat Deely, So You Think You Can Dance














Chris Harrison, The Bachelor














Tom Bergeron, Dancing With The Stars














Heidi Klum, Project Runway















Gail Simmons, Top Chef Just Desserts














Padma Lakshmi, Top Chef












Jeff Probst, Survivor





  • Michelle Jones

    No Jeff Probst??????

  • Jake Osaer

    Like seriously, No Jeff Probst?

  • Sisu Power

    first choice, Jeff Probst, so voted for second choice!

  • SRQ

    Yeah… I’m not even voting for this. Jeff Probst hands down

  • Billyworthman2729

    UUM the best one ios not here!!! JEFF PROBST!!!!!

  • AnnieO

    Thank you for adding Jeff Probst! But as this site is 99.9% BB fans I think Julie will win.

  • Kaytee Young

    Hands down Julie. Is this even a competition? lol

    • Jake Osaer

      Huge Big Brother fan here! But Chenbot is not even close to Probst. Seriously, who DOESN’T DVR the eviction episodes on BB to make it easy to fast-forward past Julie’s talking?

      • Corndogger

        How can you be a huge fan if you skip past what Julie has to say? She’s an integral part of the show. What do you do if she announces a big twist during an eviction episode?

        • Kaytee Young

          Lol exactly, I actually got my friend into Big Brother initially JUST because of Julie’s epic hosting. lol. Julie Chen makes the eviction episodes epic, lol.

  • sal

    Thanks for adding Jeff Probst, now we can vote for the best

  • Jake Osaer

    “UPDATE: Due to a glitch, Jeff Probst’s entry was omitted from the poll. The Survivor host is a part of the poll now.”

    The landslide can (and will) now commence.

  • Jake Osaer

    Emmy Category – Outstanding Host for Reality Comp Program
    Category began in 2008 (4 years)

    Jeff Probst – number of WINS: 4
    Julie Chen – number of noms: 0

  • Andrew Sloan

    Toss up between Phil, Julie and Jeff

    • Kaytee Young

      Same here

  • HoustonTransplant

    No Chris Harrison? I always say to my husband at the end of The bachelor/Bachelorette. “When you’re ready. The final rose”. Just love it because it is so stupid and he has to say it EVERY time.