Brides of Bevelry Hills dress shop raided

Brides of Bevelry Hills dress shop raided

The upscale wedding dress shop featured in the reality show Brides of Beverly Hills has been raided by police after the boutique’s owner Renee Strauss allegedly ignored a lawsuit ruling against her.

Big Brother’s Rachel Reilly was actually featured in an episode of the show (that’s Strauss holding the champagne bottle next to Rachel in the photo used here).

According to TMZ, Strauss lost a lawsuit filed by some of her former employees and failed to pay up some $500,000. So, following California law, police went into the store and seized merchandise, including dresses, shoes and tiaras, apparently equaling what Staruss owed in the judgment.

The Brides of Beverly Hills originally aired on Canada’s Slice channel, but TLC picked up the show and has been airing it.




  • mensch gordon

    renee strauss was really something on the episode with rachel reilly..she tried to get rachel and her friends drunk, talked the shizzle behind their backs, and rolled her eyes..she was only into selling overpriced wedding the sherrifs dept has taken away her inventory in a way to settle her judgement..the judgement was issued because she was in default of paying her employees..shame shame shame, shame on you!!!