CBS Drops Lawsuit Against Glass House

Network plans to still take legal action against producers

CBS Drops Lawsuit Against Glass House

CBS has announced it will be dropping the lawsuit it filed against ABC’s The Glass House.

The network says low ratings for the ABC show has made it rethink the suit. So, basically, they’ve realized the show has done itself in and there’s no reason wasting time on a fight.

“The viewers have spoken and delivered the ultimate form of justice against The Glass House,” CBS released in a statement. “As a result, we filed in federal court this morning a voluntary dismissal without prejudice of our claims against ABC.”

But the case is not completely closed. CBS still plans to take legal action against the producers of Glass House who used to work on Big Brother.

“The contract and trade secrets claims against former Big Brother producers for violating their confidentiality agreements will continue separately in arbitration,” CBS said. “We reserve the right to re-file this claim against ABC/The Glass House, or any other entity, that goes to such shocking lengths to duplicate our copyright material.”

In case you haven’t been following the case, earlier this summer CBS filed a lawsuit against ABC, claiming The Glass House was a blatant rip-off of Big Brother. A federal judge later denied to restraining order CBS requested to stop production of the show. The judge said he didn’t think the concept of a reality show could be copyrighted.


  • Cherie Vautier-Connolly

    This makes sence I have no plans to ever support that show and can only assume ABC wont bring it back next year. Was a total waste of time. Big Brother ROCKS!

  • jordguitar

    lets just take the glass house and implant it into studio city

    the current big brother house is falling apart and needs to be rebuilt.

  • Voiceof911

    Glass House really sucked! I watched for the first couple of weeks but found it so boring. You just can’t compete with Big Brother!

  • Marlana

    i didn’t mind the show except that it was on one day and hard to keep up but we got more say. I think cbs is reaching with the copyright thing. you can claim bb (which I love) took the basic ideas from survivor in that case except it is inside.You put it on tv and have it being popular ppl are going to want to jump in and do something similar. I am excited we are finally getting our own bb.

  • Duder

    There was more drama on TGH limited live feeds than there has been in the BB house in 3 years.