Can Courtney Stodden’s Marriage Be Saved?

The VH1 show Couples Therapy is coming to the rescue.

Can Courtney Stodden’s Marriage Be Saved?

File this under “Story we couldn’t possibly be less surprised to see” – it turns out that there’s trouble in cradle-robbing paradise. Teen bride Courtney Stodden and her lizard-like fiftysomething hubby Doug Hutchison are having problems, and like anyone serious about saving their marriage, the pair are going on television in an attempt to put things right.

According to TMZ, Stodden and Hutchison will be part of the upcoming season of the VH1 show Couples Therapy. Stodden and Hutchison are having issues, says a source, “because of their age difference and the notoriety they’ve gotten because of their relationship” – notoriety, it has to be said, that the two have eagerly courted every step of the way, with an unending series of photo ops and outrageous statements. Occasional actor Hutchison is 52, while Stodden turns 18 later this month. She was 16 when the two married last year.

The first season of Couples Therapy featured such reality legends as Jersey Shore “Staten Island Dump” Angelina, and Bachelor Pad provocateurs Kasey and Vienna. It’s probably too soon to know whether the show can possibly do any good for anyone, though it’s hard to believe that real therapy can take place in the context of television (the track record of Celebrity Rehab isn‘t so hot).  But forgive us if we’re skeptical that anything Stodden and Hutchison do has a motive beyond gaining more publicity.

Here’s our non-professional, non-licensed opinion as to what their problem is: HE’S 52 AND SHE’S 17!