Favorite Reality Shows

Favorite Reality Shows

We want your feedback! What shows would you most want to see exclusive video from, such as uncut competitions, live call in shows with contestants, or uncensored fights?

Tell us what some of your favorite reality shows are by giving us your feedback!




  • http://www.facebook.com/sascwench Michelle Clement

    Big Brother and Survivor. Would love live feeds of Survivor actually.

  • Sgtfrankswife

    big brother year round survivor real housewives amazing race swamp people

  • Alexander

    America’s Next Top Model!!! Reality Nation needs to show ANTM some love!

  • Will

    BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!

  • Vardynlie7987

    SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! live feeds there would be great!!!!!!

  • Fljillybeans1

    Survivor for sure, the tribal councils!

  • GEEK316ECW


  • Joanie

    Big Brother JURY HOUSE!!!

  • babstheshopper

    Big Brother Jury House, MTV’s The Challenge

  • http://www.facebook.com/michelle.marturano Michelle Marturano

    CBS seriously needs to make Jury House feeds available. Come awn! Seriously PTB (powers that be) do you not see the dollar signs in this? Usually at this point in the game the “house” is so boring and I might be alone but I feel creepy watching them sleep like REALLY creepy, like Chris Hanson is gonna show up at my house, CREEPY! Most of the feeders tune out around this time of the game and you lose ratings and viewers in the live feeds. However, if you were to offer Jury House feeds at a nominal fee of course, I can’t think of any true BB junky that wouldn’t pay it. Alison, can you say CHA-CHING? I knew that you could.

  • Marti

    Amazing Race, America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway.

  • sher

    I would love to see the jury house on bb as the house does get boring at times

  • sher

    as well as amazing race and survivour

  • Princessjami7

    Watching the Big Brother Jury house would be amazing!!!