Survivor vs. Big Brother in the Game of RISK?

Rob Cesternino's upcoming web series, Reality GameMasters!

Survivor vs. Big Brother in the Game of RISK?

Would you be interested in watching your favorite reality stars from Survivor and Big Brother come together to compete in a tournament of the world domination board game RISK?

Survivor’s Rob Cesternino is the mastermind behind the upcoming web series called Reality GameMasters and he needs YOUR help funding the project. He’s asking for small donations from fans to help support production and make it a free event for all to watch online.


“The show will like a cross between Celebrity Poker shows and Reality TV, with the players scheming with and against one another while giving us their thoughts via confessional.  We are bringing together some of the greatest strategic minds from “Survivor” and “Big Brother” in person to play in this high stakes game.  On the line will be the title of the greatest strategic mind in Reality Television and total world domination.

“To capture all of the action, the show will be hosted by former Survivor, Rob Cesternino who will give play-by-play of all the action.  Additionally we will have sideline reporters covering the moves as they happen on the board.

“Since Risk is an elimination-based game, the episodes will be structured around the contestants getting knocked out until only one remains. The game of Risk deals with alliances and betrayals. With reality contestants’ naturally big egos, the game is guaranteed to get intense fast. They’re not just playing for the title; they’re playing for their fans.

“We will release the cast one at a time later this month. Three contestants will be from Survivor and three will be from Big Brother.  We need YOUR help to make this a reality.”

Which Survivor and Big Brother stars would you like to see duke it out for world domination?


  • Asf295

    What an amazing concept!


    I will NEVER watch a reality show again that features Rachel and Brandon…too much exposure…please send them away..they are obnoxious!!

  • JohnQuickle

    Please no adam poch

    • Adam Poch – BB13

      Yeah – NO ADAM POCH… wait – that’s me?!

  • Aaron Guaraldi


    • HoH8

      Hmmmm….i dont think so…..Dani didnt even invite ED to her wedding……

      maybe Dani and Dom would do it…….☺…..

  • truthteller

    What a great idea! I would definitely watch.

  • Dickalojaloojooloojoo

    Stephen Fishbach is confirmed. Rob will probably host. The following people tweeted the kickstarter on twitter:

    Matt BB12
    Anthony from Survivor Fiji

    So it looks like it’s some combination of those guys.

  • I luv Queen Sandra

    sandra please

  • Aaron Guaraldi

    Wait, Is this going to air on TV or is going to air online somewhere?

  • Mocenzi

    Survivor: Heidik, Denise and Cirie
    BB: Dan, Will and Danielle Reyes