Ladies of “The Talk” Sans Makeup

And who looked sexiest without it?

Ladies of “The Talk” Sans Makeup

For the Season 3 premiere, the ladies of the morning television show “The Talk” showed up to set sans make-up and donning white bathrobes. The reason? It was Sara Gilbert’s idea.

“There’s not many… that would go on TV in front of millions of people with no makeup, so to be in a group of people that are willing to do that together is really cool. It shows that we’re willing to show parts of our lives that not everybody is willing to show. We really are girlfriends and because we feel safe with each other, we’re willing to show more of ourselves to the public,” the 37-year-old co-host explained.

But was going clean a good idea? Sure it was. It showed America that with the right team of stylists, make-up artists and hair people, any of us can look like a star. And it’s the talent behind the make-up that makes these ladies frontrunners in daytime TV.

Still and just for fun, let’s dissect each host’s makeup and no makeup photos.

Overall No Makeup Rating Diagram
**** = Work it.
***   = Acceptable at grocery stores only.
**     = Um…
*       = Don’t leave home without it.
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Julie Chen
Make-up does wonders for people’s complexions but I’m impressed to see that Julie Chen’s make-up artist has found a way to change the shape of her nose. Also, gone are the days of porcelain skin and long eyelashes. The weirdest thing about Julie donning no makeup is that it appears she doesn’t have any eyelashes, or wrinkles for that matter.
Overall Rating: ***
Final verdict sans make-up: Julie could be your next door neighbors thirteen year old boy.

Sharon Osbourne
Lips. That’s all I can really focus on here. They seem big and plump, and yet not attractive at all outside her lipstick cocoon. In every other category of the face, Sharon seems to be gracefully sailing through the aging process. But then again, she’s clearly had Botox injections and/or plastic surgery.
Overall Rating: ***
Final verdict sans make-up: Not great but not awful, and an acceptable look for walking around Whole Foods.

Sheryl Underwood
GOO! Bless her brave soul. I hate to say but she clearly must be the one to arrive first to the make-up room each morning, just to attach her hair, eyebrows and is that a mouthpiece? In other news, at least she looks well moisturized. Kind of.
Overall rating: *
Final verdict sans make-up: Don’t leave home without it.

Sarah Gilbert
Clearly Sarah had the idea to sans make-up because next to her co-host Aisha she’s the least affected by it, one of many benefits of rocking the lesbian chic look.
Overall Rating: ***
Final verdict sans make-up: Who cares? No one will notice the difference.

Aisha Tyler
What a bitch, right? Even with no make-up and trying to make and ugly face, she looks adorable. Perfect teeth, perfect complexion and at 41-years-old… what a hero.
Overall Rating: ****
Final verdict sans make-up: Do it more often!

What are your thoughts regarding makeup? And how often do you use it? Tweet @RealityNation with your before and after pictures!


  • Jun Song

    Bwahahaha! I kinda loved this.

    • Dean Brown

      Hahahaha, I was just looking at this thinking “omg I would LOVE to hear what Jun has to say about Chenbot minus her make up”!! haha

  • HR

    I felt like Julie seemed more personable without makeup.

  • Gerri Helms

    Miss Waring, your observances do justice for all the ladies.
    say what you mean,
    mean what you say,
    don’t say it mean.

    You did it!

  • Aisha = hottest black chick

    Aisha Tyler is SOOO HOT!!! I swear the only reason to watch their show is to see how gorgeous Aisha is looking today!!! I use to flip to their show to stare at Sharon’s awesome boobs but she doesn’t show em off anymore :(