Poll: DWTS' William Levy or Donald Driver?

Who wore - or didn't wear - it better?

Poll: DWTS' William Levy or Donald Driver?

William Levy and his abs (ok, and his revealing internet photos) have been talked about a lot the past couple weeks, but fellow Dancing With the Stars contestant Donald Driver decided to give William a run for his money and dance without his shirt last week, sparking a war of abs, of sorts.

So for our weekly poll, we thought we'd asked our readers who wore it — or in this case, didn't wear it  – better? William or Donald?

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William Levy

Donald Driver



  • Profenilsia

    William’s abs are much more …… beautiful of his opponent. Why is the best, both the physical and also as dance.

  • Waverly2

    will might be cute but donald i know can back up the look. dig me