Reality TV 2011-2012 Ratings in Review

American Idol, The Voice top list for reality shows

Reality TV 2011-2012 Ratings in Review

The 2011-2012 regular television season is behind us, and as we head into summer programming, TV By The Numbers has put together a list of the overall ratings for the season. While Sunday Night Football came out on top, second and third spots went to Reality TV shows.

American Idol and The Voice were neck and neck for the spot, but Idol still came out as the No. 1 Reality Show. But just barely. While the original list included all TV shows, we’ve pulled out the most popular Reality TV shows and their rankings to share with you here.

Like I said, we’ve taken out the non-reality shows, so there will be some missing numbers. To see the full list, check out TVBTN).

2. American Idol performance show
3. The Voice performance show
6. American Idol results show
10. X Factor performance show
15. X Factor results show
16. The Voice results show
20. Survivor South Pacific
28. America’s Got Talent (Mondays)
29. Survivor One World
30. Dancing with the Stars
33. Hell’s Kitchen (Mondays)
35. America’s Got Talent (Tuesdays)
38. Hell’s Kitchen (Mondays)
40. Amazing Race 19
46. Dancing with the Stars
47. Amazing Race 20
50. The Bachelor
54. Fear Factor
65. Biggest Loser 13
66. Biggest Loser 12
72. The Bachelorette
78. Celebrity Apprentice
79. Celebrity Wife Swap
106. Wipeout
108. The Sing-Off
111. Fashion Star
117. America’s Got Talent (Tuesdays)
150. America’s Next Top Model 11
152. Who Do You Think You Are?
179. America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion
189. America’s Next Top Model 11 (encores)
192. America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion (encores)