Reality TV Week in Review

Reality TV Week in Review

This week in reality TV we got to see a Dancing With the Stars contestant's business (all of it) and got more proof that Bachelor Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson might actually make this thing work. In other words, if it weren't for Willam's Levy's full-frontal, it would have been a pretty boring week.

Ben and Court: The Bachelor Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson rumors are flying. We've heard they've moved in together and we've heard she's pregnant with his baby. Ben told People Magazine Friday, however, that they're taking things slow. ”We're taking it slow,” Flajnik said. “We haven't decided on a date when she's going to move up to San Francisco yet, so she's got a lot of trips planned. It's nice to get away from the noise and spend time with each other.” So there you go.

Levy Exposed: Dancing With The Stars latin hottie William Levy has been the talk of the show since the cast was announced. First it was “who is this guy?” Then it was “who cares who he is he's hot!” Now it's “have you seen those photos!?” It turns out William posed for some underwear ads a couple years ago and now they're all over the net. And it's nothing to be ashamed of and thankfully he's not.

In Conda's Defense: The latest contestant eliminated from The Biggest Loser, Megan Stone, took some time to talk about the show's most disliked contestant this season, Conda Britt. Megan says Conda is misunderstood and America should give her a chance. “America has not really given her a fair chance,” Megan said. “Everyone has a different approach on this journey, and maybe America should not be so judgmental. I see Conda as a very caring person, a great mother, a great friend, and I have nothing negative to say about her. She speaks her mind and that’s it. Who knew.

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The Hottest Survivor One World Man? Earlier this week we asked you to vote in our weekly poll to decide Survivor's hottest guy this season. The votes are in.

The Top 3

  • 1. Jay Byars (pictured above)
  • 2. Matt Quinlin
  • 3. Michael Jefferson

It's So Easy To Say Goodbye: Who went home this week in Reality TV?

  • Survivor One World said goodbye to sushi chef Jonas, solidifying this as one of the dumbest casts in history.
  • Megan said goodbye to The Biggest Loser ranch.
  • America had enough of Heejun Han's antics on American Idol.
  • Ru made Dida Ritz (pictured at very top) and her bad wigs sashay away on RuPaul's Drag Race.
  • Ashley (pictured above) was sent packing on America's Next Top Model.
  • Martina (wearing the worst costume ever) and Tony shared there final dance on Dancing With the Stars.
  • Patricia heard Trump's catchphrase on The Celebrity Apprentice.
  • Joey and Danny's racing days are over on The Amazing Race, meaning Brendon and Rachel are still going strong with a middle of the pack finish this week.

Clip of the Week

American Idol's Elise Testone brought the house down this week with her performance of Led Zeppelin's “Whole Lotta Love.” Elise went from almost being eliminated to being one of the most talked-about performers on the show the past couple weeks.



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