Reality TV Week In Review

Who won our poll? The Voice or American Idol?

Reality TV Week In Review

Reality TV this week was filled with anti-climatic twists and eliminations. Not every week can deliver jaw-dropping drama, I suppose. We'll survive.

All For Nothing? This week on The Biggest Loser we got to see the twist that cause the big walkout that resulted in the early exit of two contestants. All of the previously eliminated contestants were invited back to The Biggest Loser ranch to compete for a spot in the season finale. And while that sound like something that would piss off just about anyone, the outcome was just a let down. The person who made it into the finale was also the last person to be eliminated – Jeremy. So he was actually among those threatening to leave the show over the twist. Lame.

All Stars Stars? There could be an all-stars season coming up for Dancing With the Stars. Mario Lopez revealed the news on Live! With Kelly and said he was invited to take part. But he says he just doesn't know how he can swing another gig. Oh, you'll swing Mario. B-list attention whores ALWAYS swing it.

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The Voice vs. American Idol: For our weekly poll this week, we asked you which currently-airing singing competition show was doing everything right. The Voice won the poll 58 percent of the vote. The Voice and American Idol have been going up and down in the ratings battle all season. Could The Voice be ready to become the official No. 1 singing show on TV?

It's So Easy To Say Goodbye: Who went home this week in Reality TV?

  • Donald Trump fired Penn Jillette on The Celebrity Apprentice.
  • After weeks of being nearly eliminated, Elise Testone finally bit the dust during Queen week on American Idol.
  • Troyzan joined the other guys in jury on Survivor One World as Kim and the women continued to dominate the game.
  • Seymone was sent packing on America's Next Top Model.
  • Gladys Knight was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars and that's kind of a travesty.
  • The Voice cut Pip, Cheesa, Mathai and James Massone.


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