Reality TV Week In Review

Glass House ratings worse in second week

Reality TV Week In Review

We’re all ready for Big Brother 14 to get going, but what else is going on in Reality TV? Let’s take a look back at the week in Reality TV:

Glass House Ratings Get Worse: The Glass House ratings for the premiere last week were nothing to write home about, but this week’s ratings were even worse. The premiere saw just under 4 million viewers but the second week only earned about 3.3 million viewers. Not even Alex’s fate was enough to draw in every viewer from the week before. While those aren’t absolutely terrible numbers for summer, they’re likely not good enough to get an overwhelming yes from ABC for a second season. But time will tell …

Fashion Star In, Elle Out: I don’t know which news should be more shocking: that NBC is giving Fashion Star a second season or that they don’t want Elle Macpherson as a host. “I have been involved with Fashion Star from the beginning, and am very proud to see it come to life, not only in America but globally,” Macpherson told The New York Post. “The show is in great hands, and although I will not be hosting this season, I will still be very involved [and] will be reviewing the format for the upcoming season.” OOOOOK. I thought she was probably the best thing about the show. Whatever, NBC. I’ll never understand why you do what you do.

Oprah Loses More Cred: It was bad enough when Oprah Winfrey decided to sit down and talk to the Kardashians for her show on OWN, but now the talk show queen is reportedly set to appear on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. There’s no word on exactly what Oprah’s appearance means. It’s likely just going to be about the family sitting down for Oprah’s interview. But then it again, it sounds kind of like O and the girls are now BFFs. “She and Khloe especially hit it off. Khloe had her dying laughing,” a source told Us Weekly. “It meant so much because she loves Oprah!”


  • Paco G

    I gave Glass House a chance, but I’m done now, Big Brother has absolutely nothing to worry about, GH is kinda lame, too “game showy” for me. but the thing that bugged me most was the vote by fans.

    I was no fan of the Alex, BUT i didn’t agree with him being voted out, he did exactly as he was told, America answered is question….Should i become biggest villain in reality tv? and they answered YES, so that’s what he did(ya his comments crossed the line) but none the less, he was a villain, yet they vote him out. makes no sense to me.

    I’ll stick with my Big Brother UK until the “real” Big Brother starts.

    • april

      I’m not a fan of glass house either, but I did watch the 1st one to see what all the fuss was about. And I did take the time to vote out that Dr.-Will-wanna-be, Alex! I thought his question to America was stupid to begin with and would have answered yes to him if I had cared enough answer. I mean, it’s a brand new reality game show with no past, no history, no anything and the only imagination this tool has is to “shake up the house” & “flip this house” & become “the most epic villain”. Gees, what a wasted opportunity on his part. And what viewer wants to watch him trying to turn glass house into a rip-off of big brother when the real thing will be starting soon? Anyway, that’s my opinion.

    • Mablenay

      I wonder how many who watched the show are feedwatchers i.e. the voters?

  • Wally M Abs

    I watched “Fashion Star”, and I have to sat I didn’t hate it. However, regardless how good season1 was, or how good the next season will be, it always be a “Light Snack” to keep me going until the real Meal, Project Runway, starts.
    One thing I have to sate is how amazed I am about the fact that the most interesting judge/mentor in the show, among all people, is Nicole Richie. Turns out the girl is actually “Smart” ….