Reality TV Week In Review

Celebrity Apprentice All Stars? Plus: Big Brother 14 Cast Moves in!

Reality TV Week In Review

We spent the week being pleasantly distracted by the Big Brother 14 cast interviews on SuperPass, so now would be a good time to pause and look back on what else happened this week in Reality TV.

More All Stars: Add The Celebrity Apprentice to the list of shows likely to get an All Stars season. It hasn’t been confirmed, but there are strong rumors that the sixth season of the Donald Trump show will feature the return of past celebrity contestants. Some of the names already being tossed around include Gary Busey, Piers Morgan, Bret Michaels, Joan Rivers, Omarosa, Gene Simmons, Meat Loaf and Jesse James.

Holmes on Project Runway All Stars: Despite the media frenzy about the pending divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Katie taped an episode of the next installment of Project Runway All Stars. Which prompts the question: They’re really doing ANOTHER episode of All Stars already? Ugh. The first one was bad enough despite the amazing Mondo’s win. This is getting ridiculous.

Big Brother 14 Cast Moves In: Hey, it was a slow week, so let’s get back to Big Brother news. The 12 new contestants moved into the Big Brother house Saturday and here’s the shot released from CBS:

Big Brother 14 HGs move in


Hopefully we can expect to see the four returning HGs move and finally find out who they are during Thursday night’s premiere.


  • Wally Shearer

    I agree with you about the “Project Runway-All Stars”. They should wait at least 5 years to make another one, so they can be more “All Star” contestants.
    What really was off pudding about the first season of “All Stars”, for me at least, that it was fixed from the beginning, and they didn’t even try to hide it. Mondo leaked that he won even before the show began, but even if he did not, a veteran PR viewer like myself can easily detect that there was something wrong about how soft the judges were on him, and how some of his designs would “Outed” him in the regular series.
    I do hope that some of the better, unlucky ones get to participate. It would be a great boost for their careers.