Reality TV Week In Review

American Idol winner had eight surgeries during season

Reality TV Week In Review

The regular television season came to a close this past week with several season finales and winners announced. We also found out that Snooki is having a boy and that even if there’s not drama surrounding Britney Spears and her new job on The X Factor, someone will create some for her.

The Winners’ Circle: Who won what this week.

  • American Idol crowned Georgian singer-songwriter Phillip Phillips season 11 winner, besting 16-year-old songbird Jessica Sanchez.
  • Arsenio Hall edged out Clay Aiken to win The Celebrity Apprentice.
  • Dancing With the Stars named Donald Driver season 14 winner. Katherine Jenkins came in second and William Levy finished third.

Fighter Phil: After winning the American Idol 2012 crown, Phillip Phillips revealed he had eight surgeries for chronic kidney stones during the season. His doctor even called for him to drop out of the contest for a major surgery. But the crooner kept at it all the way to the end until he won the title.

Reports now indicate that Phillip will undergo surgery in Los Angeles next week. The expected recovery time is six weeks. Could the actual winner of American Idol miss the tour the Top 10 go on every summer? Do people still attend that concert might be the better question.

Emily Boots Joe: The Bachelorette Emily Maynard  kicked suitor Joe Gendreau to the curb this week, leaving some fans scratching their heads. Emily made some diplomatic explanations, but Joe himself has chimed in. “We just really didn’t hit it off with each other,” Joe explained. “We were at kind of different places in our lives. I was a single, kind of free-spirited individual. I think she was looking for someone more settled and in a way maybe more committed, whether it be family or work or just looking for that.”

Clip of The Week: So You Think You Can Dance 2012 premiered this week and there was one auditioned who took everyone by surprise and left a judge in tears with his original dance style:


  • AnnieO555

    WOW, I think I need to watch SYTYCD more often. Hampton Williams is incredible.

  • JayLow1

    These happen to be some of the best shows on PrimeTime and American Idol is my favorite. I’m glad I never have to pick and choose a show over another anymore. I upgraded to the Hopper to get all my four major networks recorded every night. Now I have a new feature I can take advantage of on primetime. Since I’m part of the group that doesn’t care for commercials, and with the Auto Hop feature in my Hopper, I can now skip the commercials or still watch them. One of my coworkers at Dish showed me how the Auto Hop feature works, and it gives me the option to choose to skip or not. I mostly watch PrimeTime Anytime programming a day or two after it records so it’s an excellent option for me. I’m going to be able to save some money on batteries because I no longer need to continually use the fast forward button every ten minutes.