Reality TV Week in Review

Reality TV Week in Review

It’s time to look back on a week that included us finally finding out that there’s going to be a glowing orange baby somewhere in Jersey this time next  year. We also said goodbye to some of our favorite reality contestants as they were sent packing from their respective shows.

Spawn of Snooks: Finally, after a month of speculation, Snooki admitted that the condom did in fact break.

Everyone Hates Colton: Survivor One World’s resident villain spent this week talking smack about the poor, the short and the black. Actually, it’s not fair to call him a villain because that might imply he’s some kind of mastermind. He’s not. He’s just a pudgy, entitled, sassy queen that sets back the gay community at least 10 years. He’s gross.

Tebow Says No: Speaking of queens, Tim Tebow was mentioned as a potential candidate for next season’s Bachelor, but the Denver Broncos quarterback confirmed that it was just a rumor that got out of control. He’s just too busy to be on a reality show. Don’t worry, Tim. I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t want to be surrounded by a dozen or more women who want to bone me on live television either.

It’s So Easy to Say Goodbye: Who went home this week in the reality TV world?

  • The Biggest Loser said goodbye to Cassandra Sturos.
  • RuPaul made Milan sashay away on Drag Race.
  • The Manono Tribe booted comedian Bill Posley from their trainwreck of a tribe on Survivor One World.
  • Jeremy Rosado was the first member of American Idol’s Top 13 to head home.
  • Kenley missed out on the Project Runway All Stars finale by one challenge.
  • George Takei is fired from The Celebrity Apprentice. Insert Star Trek joke here.
  • It was double trouble for twins Andrew and Elliot Weber as the team was eliminated from The Amazing Race. Team Brenchel is still alive.