The Best Non-competition Reality Shows

The Best Non-competition Reality Shows

We specialize in competition shows like Big Brother and Survivor, but what about the other shows that fall under the reality show umbrella? We love those, too, and are sure a lot of you do too! So I’ve compiled a list of the best non-competition reality shows you may or may not be watching.

1. Hoarders. This A&E gem is a must-watch. The stories are often pretty sad, but the outrageousness of it all can be very entertaining. It’s not every day you get to look into someone’s house and find a cat skeleton under 500 empty cereal boxes. And my personal favorite is Dr. Robin Zasio. The licensed clinical psychologist is there to help, but she also tells it like it is. Her condescension is beautiful.

“You don’t smell that? See when I walk in here, I immediately get an overwhelming odor of urine.”

2. Toddlers & Tiaras. The best thing to come out of TLC since “The Woman With The Giant Leg.” If you’re lucky you can catch an episode with Eden. She’s a superstar in the child pageant world. I think she may have retired, but her episodes are some of the best. My favorite part about this show, however, is when there’s the elusive pageant dad featured. He’s usually a one-hand-on-his-hip, dangly-bracelet-wearing, sasstastic pageant machine. Who is married. To a woman. If you can’t find any episodes with Eden, check out one of my favorite clips of her:

3. My Strange Addiction. These people eat laundry detergent, dry wall, toilet paper and foam from couches. But there’s one story that really takes the cake. It starts out as a sad story, then it turns into one of the biggest WTF moments EVER. This woman dips her fingers into her dead husband’s ashes and eats them. Like Fun Dip. You know, the candy with the chalky white stick that you dip into candy powder? Yeah. I’m still speechless.

4. Tabatha Takes Over. We all love to hate to love The Real Housewives, so we’re going to skip that franchise today and go for another Bravo show. Tabatha first appeared on Bravo’s show “Sheer Genius.” Her tell-it-like-it-is attitude landed her her own show where she goes in and whips struggling salons into shape. This season, however, she’s taking on more than salons. But her attitude promises to stay the same.

“You look like a bunch of f***ing hillbilles!”

5. My Extreme Animal Phobia. I just can’t get enough of Dr. Robin Zasio. She’s the resident shrink on this show as well. Only now she’s trying to get people over their fears of animals. And we’re not just talking about snakes and spiders. We’re also talking about cute little kittens and … wait for it … stuffed animals! In my favorite episode, Robin really seems to be messing with this patient and her stuffed animal phobia even though she claims to just be helping her. I couldn’t stop laughing.

What are some of your favorites?