The Swan Returning — Sort Of

Celebrity edition of plastic surgery makeover show under way

The Swan Returning — Sort Of

In 2004 my world changed as I was flipping through the channels and came across a show that turned hideous women into beautiful pageant girls. And then my world came crashing down another season later when the controversial show was pulled from the Fox line-up. I guess there was something about women going on TV and undergoing extensive plastic surgery to compete for a crown that American just couldn’t get behind. Stupid, America.

I’m of course talking about The Swan. And I’ve got good news for trash-TV lovers like myself. It’s coming back. And this time, the contestants are going to be celebrities!

“‘Celebrity Swan’ will feature female celebrities and will offer these popular women the incredible opportunity to undergo physical, psychological and career changes as cameras follow them through the transformative process. This opportunity will allow these women to come back better than ever, have a second chance at personal and career redemption and re-introduce themselves to their supportive fans in a whole new way.” — Entertainment Weekly

Casting is apparently in progress, but a few names have already been connected to the upcoming show. Deadline named former White House intern Monica Lewinsky and former teen star Erin Moran (Happy Days) as possible contestants.

What do you think of this news? Will you be watching?

The Swan 2004
Season 1 of The Swan (2004)


  • Cat_on_her_iPhone

    I loved the Swan! I loved the drama and controversy but also the discussions about self image that came from the show.

    I’m looking forward to this!

  • Richard D.

    Look at how they all look in the after picture and realize that this was probably the precursor of the Housewives franchise .

  • Lorrie Arias

    I was on season 2 and I’d it all over again :)

  • Lorrie Arias

    I’d do it all over again is what I meant to say

  • Tereseatx

    when is it coming on???

  • Tinakeheley

    Yes, I will watching. I liked that show too