Villain Of The Week: Chantal Of Gallery Girls

Being both lazy AND pretentious is not a winning combination.

Villain Of The Week: Chantal Of Gallery Girls

You know that person in your office who is always last in the door in the morning and first out in the afternoon, who is constantly taking sick days and always sticking you with the bill when you go out for drinks, and despite all this is constantly complaining about how hard the job is?

Welcome to the insufferably fake Chantal Chadwick of Gallery Girls, our newest Villain of the Week.

Bravo’s Gallery Girls ended its 8-week run this past week, and even though it didn’t get anywhere near the attention of one of its Housewives editions, I’m rooting for the channel to bring it back. Not because you learn anything about what it’s like to be young and struggling and working in the arts (“struggling” not being a word that fits into the usual Bravo template), but because everyone on it exhibits one or more personality disorders, narcissism being the chief one.

What made Chantal the worst of the bunch? While she’s originally from Georgia, she has the affected speech of a Kardashian and dresses exclusively in whatever hipster cliché has worked its way to the front of her closet that day (and why is it that so many people who fancy themselves “quirky” and “individual” look exactly alike?). The backstory to Gallery Girls mentioned how she kicked around various New York scenes before agreeing to open a combined art gallery-knickknack sales space with a friend, Claudia.

All well and good – except, as was made clear from the early minutes of the season, Chantal never really took the job seriously. Most of the money to open the business came via a loan from Claudia’s family, and while she had her own faults (not being very good at selling art chief among them), it does appear Claudia really cared about trying to make the gallery work. But aside from lending the place a necessary dose of pretentiousness, it was never easy to figure out what Chantal actually did for two months.

It would be one thing if Chantal’s whole contribution was to show up late for work, blow off trying to drum up publicity at Miami’s Art Basel because she wanted to go to the beach, and run off to Paris with her boyfriend at a critical juncture (complete with a very 1920s-style “lung infection” that kept her from returning for a few weeks). But to rub salt in the wound, she invariably threw her own laziness back at Claudia, insinuating that she was working, and that any financial issues they were having was her friend’s fault.

How this twit hopes to maintain her French press coffee-loving, Oregon wine-dissing lifestyle without the ability to work for more than an hour at a time is a mystery, but if Bravo wants to give us another season of Chantal making a fool of herself, I won’t complain.

Who was your favorite/least favorite from this mostly unlikable cast?