Vote to Send a Reality TV Fan to The Reality Rally!

Vote to Send a Reality TV Fan to The Reality Rally!

Reality Nation is sending one lucky Reality TV Superfan to The Reality Rally, and we're asking for your help! Who would you like to see represent Reality Nation at the Reality Rally? The winner will get to take two friends to the Rally to compete in an Amazing Race style competition! Watch the videos of our two finalists, and vote in our poll! We'll announce the winner on Monday, April 1st here on RealityNation!

Finalist Number One:

Sara, an Amazing Race Superfan from Bloomingdale, IL

Finalist Number Two:

Wes, a Survivor Superfan from Seattle, WA

Voting Rules:

  • One vote per IP address every 24 hours
  • Contest ends Sunday, April 1 at 11:59pm PT

If Reality Nation determines that any IP address exhibits a voting pattern suggestive of any conduct violative of these rules, including but not limited to automated voting, then Reality Nation has the right to block that IP address from further voting during the voting period or to eliminate the votes cast by that IP address.



  • Leslieblack2

    I voted for Wes because “I really like breasts and I support breast cancer research” hahahahahaha!

  • Wes Dorne

    Thanks Leslie! I appreciate every vote.

  • Eduma81

    Wes FTW

  • Gaborrr

    What a cool video Wes!! :) Extremely funny!! I love Yoga, Rocky Balboa, and Seattle Rocks!!!

  • Jim

    Hey Wes, if you’re trying to look like a tough guy by drinking an egg, you beat it up first. I voted for you anyway.

    • Jim

      I ment to say “You DON”T beat it up first”

      • Wes Dorne

        Thanks Jim! Yea, next time I’ll just drink it straight without beating it.

  • Wes Dorne

    I wish my competitor Sara the best! Let the best person win and represent #RealityNation properly.

  • UpsidedownViews
  • ralph

    nice legs, lol

  • H. Putten

    Wes’s mat skills make me think that he never cracked varsity wrestling

    • Wes Dorne


  • Conor Keating

    Wow. Congrats for making it this far, Wes!

    • Wes Dorne

      Thanks Conor! Can you get your whole college to vote for me?

  • anybody

    I smell proxy IP fraud by Sara just saying…..

  • coop

    was tough for me to decide, but i decided on Sara. Good luck to both!

  • Aaron D Schwartz

    Wes is cheating his ass off!!!!!

    • Wes Dorne

      This is all organic Aaron.

    • Mike Joseif

      Hey Aaron go back to your trailer..

    • Nahnah

      Agreed. There is no way a guy who makes a crap video like this knows over a 1000 people!!

  • KeepitFair

    Wow Sara 100′s of votes in 2 hours, That’s a lot of hired help :) You deserve to win!!

  • Smith1234

    Sara, lots of votes the past two hours eh?

  • Integrity

    Hired help in India can buy you any contest! Right Sara?

  • Joe Davis

    Who thinks this contest is rigged??? Demand a rematch

  • Mary K

    I wrote to the administrator to check the traffic the past day, I’ve been watching this contest and I have my doubts to the legitimacy.

  • Josh Z

    I flagged this contest they are supposed to write back to me the administrator said they are going to check the IP Traffic

    • Tom F

      All y’all need to stop crying…. It’s embarrassing.

  • Wes Dorne

    Yea this is definitely BS. She gets votes in waves.

    • Wes Dorne

      She hasn’t posted the link to Twitter and she does not have that much interaction with her posts on Facebook. No way she is gaining this amount of votes without using those two platforms.

  • Thomasg

    This contest is a total sham how can someone gain 200 votes in 2 hours?

    • SmellyPants101

      By having friends?

  • Gary L

    Nice timed votes Sara, I’m glad they are sending someone honest to raise money for cancer, this contest needs to be scrapped.

  • Yikesthisisrigged!

    WOW, how the HELL does someone get 300 votes in a span of hours………. MIGHTY SUSPICIOUS I think the mods need to take a close look at this contest!

  • Wes Dorne


  • WOW

    What a SHAM!

  • Unbelieveable

    Guess the former governor isn’t the only thing that is corrupt in Illinois! Sara, at least make it look legitimate

  • Wes Dorne

    I’m confidant Reality Nation will do their due diligence in terms of determining a winner. May the best candidate win!

  • Michael Pwn4ge

    Sara hax!

  • RNobsession12

    Mods, please do your duty and investigate this contest!

  • Tom F

    Rigged??? Yeah, right!!!

    Sounds like sour grapes to me…

    Congrats Sara!!!

    • Patrick23

      So you think its perfectly normal Tom to receive 500 votes in 3 hours on the last day? I’m glad Reality Nation will take a look into the contest.

  • BigNappy

    Wow what a hatchet job, what is this, Montreal in November, ’97?

  • Moose

    I haven’t seen electioneering like this since Boss Tweed controlled Tammany!

  • Wes Dorne

    Congratulations Sara! Thank you Reality Nation for including me in this. I had a great time!

  • pp34

    Reality TV is watched only by morons and children.