Reality TV Week in Review

Reality TV Week in Review

From injuries to shocking eliminations to blindsides, it was quite the week for Reality TV. Here's a look back at the week.

Dancing Injury: Dancing With the Stars' Melissa Gilbert suffered a concussion and whiplash after she hit her head during Monday night's competition. The former child star was rushed to the hospital and ended up missing Tuesday night's results episode. Gilbert is doing better and has even began rehearsing again. So it looks like she might be back for next week's show. “I think we are coming back,” Gilbert's dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy said. “I'm pretty sure. It's not up to me, it's up to her, [but] I haven't heard talks of not coming back. Although, if she wakes up tomorrow and continues to have a headache, I won't let her in the studio.”

Saving Jessica Sanchez: Each season, the American Idol judges get one save. They get to ignore America's votes and not eliminate one player, one time only before Top 5. This week they rescued popular teen singer Jessica Sanchez after she ended up with the least amount of votes. Jessica fell victim to the Chris Daughtry curse. Fans get complacent and think their fav is going to be safe and they don't vote. And then the fav gets eliminated. Lucky for Jessica, the judges weren't as friendly with the save as they had been in the past.

Britney's Big Bucks: It sounds like The X Factor is thisclose to signing pop star Britney Spears to fill the judging voids left by Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger's exits. And she would be doing so for a whopping $15 million. That would put her above Jennifer Lopez as the highest-paid reality judge on television.

Who is playing the best Survivor One

World game? At the beginning of the week, we asked you who was playing the best game this season on Survivor and the poll results are in:

  • 1st: Kim
  • 2nd: Chelsea
  • 3rd: Troy

It's So Easy to Say Goodbye: Who went home this week in Reality TV?

  • The Biggest Loser contestants voted to send Chris Pickler home.
  • Azmarie said goodbye on America's Next Top Model.
  • Jay Byars was the third guy in a row to be eliminated on Survivor One World, proving what everyone's been thinking about the guys this season is true.
  • Sherri Shepherd had a very emotional goodbye on Dancing With The Stars.
  • Lou Ferrigno was fired on The Celebrity Apprentice. Insert Incredible Hulk joke here.
  • America sent home four more on The Voice: Kim Yarbrough, Tony Vincent, Erin Martin and Karla Davis.
  • It was a non-elimination week on The Amazing Race, so Brendon and Rachel are safe another week.

Reality TV Clip of the Week:

Popular American Idol contestant Jessica Sanchez attempts to sing her save-me song, but the judges cut her performance short with their save. Judge Jennifer Lopez even yanks the mic from Jessica's hands to tell everyone how ridiculous it is that she's even singing for a chance to remain in the competition.



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