Yahoo Parodies The Bachelor

Web series features Ben Stiller, Kristen Bell and Adam Scott

Yahoo Parodies The Bachelor

At first look, Burning Love looks like your typical wacked out dating show. There’s the cocky bachelor, the creepy host, the slutty contestants, the old one. Then you notice some familiar faces like Ben Stiller, Kristen Bell and Adam Scott.

What you’re really watching is a parody of The Bachelor from  Yahoo. The web series is set to premiere June 4. Produced by Ben Stiller, other faces you might recognize are Stiller’s wife Christine Taylor, Michael Ian Black and Ken Marino as the bachelor. Former Bachelor Jake Pavelka even makes a cameo.

Check out the trailer below. It’s pretty funny. It might not be totally safe for work – depending on where you work, of course.


  • Celebrity Smack

    OMG I love this.

  • Sarah

    There is a hilarious parody called “The Bitchlorettes” going on right now. :) check it out.