Drag Race All Stars Cast Leaked

Trailer reveals the 12 queens returning to compete

Drag Race All Stars Cast Leaked

Like everything else in Reality TV, the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars has been spoiled. The cast was supposed to be first announced during an episode of The Big House on Logo Monday night. But photos of all the queens from the upcoming commercial have been leaked.

So who’s in the cast? Tammie Brown (Season 10, Raven (Season 2),  Latrice Royale (Season 4), Alexis Mateo (Season 3), Pandora Boxx (Season 2), Nina Flowers (Season 1), Manila Luzon (Season 3), Mimi Imfurst (Season 3), Shanelle (Season 1), Chad Michaels (Season 4), Jujubee (Season 2) and Yara Sofia (Season 3).

And how do we know this is real? We’ve got the trailer and it’s posted below!

This cast would be pretty much anyone’s dream cast. Except for Mimi Imfurst. Not only was she out early in  her season, she was annoying. I guess they needed a villain or someone to be eliminated first. I’m rooting for Tammie Brown. She was underrated in the first season because the show hadn’t really found its personality yet. She’s got a following now and her drag has risen to new levels. I’m a bit surprised there’s  no Morgan McMichaels. I’d say swap Mimi for Morgan.

Who are you rooting for? Who do you think is missing from this cast?

UPDATE: All Stars Queens to compete as teams! See the pairings now!

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Cast


  • http://www.facebook.com/erick.florescalderon Erick Flores Calderón

    Team Nina Flowers!

    • Whillyem

      Nina Flowers Or Raven For The WIN!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/richardfromNO Richard D.

    Can’t be ultimate without Sharon Needles!!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/branden628 Branden B

      She unfortunately chose not to take part since she JUST won.

    • http://twitter.com/KatrinaZlygina Katrina Zlygina

      I would love to see her (or Raja) but no winners went for sloppy seconds.

  • Hamish_mcmOnroe


  • Ian17

    I guess everyone has different preferences, but I personally can’t believe Tammie, Mimi and Alexis are there, and Ongina, Mariah and Willam aren’t. I also thought Morgan McMichaels would have a shot.

    • manny

      Omg totally agree about Mariah and Willam…Mariah has the look to give Beyonce a run for her money and Willam is hands down one of the funniest and fiercest queens!

  • Kana

    I know Tammie is going to give us the biggest surprises, and I agree that we need a villian like Mimi, I can bet that all of those queens are going to give their all, I can freaking wait to see that seriously, I’m dying

  • Magnifera Indica

    Tatiana should be there instead of Mimi Imfurst!!! >.

    • Soclu

      can’t recall a Tatiana. That must say summin’ from a true OF the races. Mariah possibly overlooked and to include someone with some drag realness but , sorry, Miss Latrice should not steal the spot because of her, agreeably sweet, likable iconic-like drag queen nature.

  • Mydeserthelper

    MIMI IM WORST should not be there Morgan Mc Michael GOT ROBBED!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/hcastorena Hector Castorena

      i couldnt have agrred more with you

  • Pia Jaguar

    nina flowers is the winner !!!! mimi im 1st goes home first

  • Dusty Rose

    RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!!! The video won’t work! But I’m happy because so many queens I like will be there. I’m surprised Mimi made the cut. But I understand why no winning queen will be returning 1. could be an unfair atvantage 2. they already won the crown no use in winning it again. I’m also glad websites like these give fans the full cast before it’s on TV so I don’t have to spend like an hour staring at their faces trying to guess (but I did correctly guess Alexis just by her hair)

  • Nyybeagle2

    Pandora Boxx or Nina Flowers should win!

  • Hunter1887

    What no bebe

  • Ryrythd1

    No way !!! Mi Mi is creative and original. Like all the other queens in all stars ! No other queen like Mimi or Lateice or The others in this season. Creative is the key

    Morgans is standard goods !

  • Luis

    Mimi is a darling really. She had no time on season 3 to show who she was. Now she is part of XELLE, her drag is fabulous and I feel she can win. I’ll be rooting for her, Manila, and my ultimate queen…. Raven!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003232698139 William Ricardo Valbuena

    No morgan mcMichaels??! Have you seen her performances!?! ._.

  • Trivivit

    Tatiana should be there!

  • http://twitter.com/itskittibitch Kitti

    What the hell is Mimi doing there? Bitch obviously cheated her way into this during the voting! Ugh! I wanted my Shangela on the show. And Tatiana too!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Terry-Gingo-McClinton/1326777330 Terry Gingo McClinton

      two of my favorites as well…I think Tatiana is maybe the prettiest one so far……

  • MJL

    What about Rebecca? Third place season one? Hard to call it “All Stars” when so many of these contestants didn’t place in the top five. Just my two cents.

  • heathersdroolboogersrule

    i made a list during season 3 and was right about all the girls except mimi and tammie.. i had my fingers x’ed for ongina, jessica wild (“memoirs of a golden shower”) and WILLAM (wonder if she’s still holdin on to that chick-fil-a). morgan’s great, but she needs to learn how to blend her makeup better- too much fierce is just fearsome. sooooo excited im gagging!

    • Daniel

      Tammie was funny.

  • Depakon2

    So many great queens to root for except for Mimi. I can’t wait. Nina Flowers should have won the first season. The worst winner has to be Tyra Sanchez especially when you had Raven, Jujubee, and Pandora Boxx in the cast. I’m glad the three have the opportunity for the crown.

  • Blueyes_tommi

    Where the hell is Shangela?

    • Thatgurl…Me

      I guess Shangela finally wore her out her welcome.

    • Danny_gch

      Hay no maaaa…. otra vez…???
      tu la kieres ver en todas las temporadas…

  • antho

    This needed Morgan and Tatianna I am sorry why bring back Mimi she was nothing on this show there are too many season 3 girls

  • Dennie22901

    Now I have to agree with most people on here, however I can’t understand why phi phi or jiggly aren’t here. Im over Allstars before it starts.


      Because Phi Phi and Jiggly were (almost, I guess) universally hated.

  • AhnnaTop

    Ya, I have to agree with the many: Mimi is not an All-Star. Too bad Morgan didn’t fit in to her space. Would have loved to see: Morgan, Ongina and Willam there too.

    Also, too bad only one will win… they are all (most all) SO great!! Wish it started next week!!

  • Art At19

    Im extremely happy with the cast EXCEPT MIMI IM GOING HOME FIRST !!!!! The queens who really DESERVE to be there are Morgan McMicheals, Willlam, and Ongina !!! Thats it and thats who should replace Mimi

  • http://www.facebook.com/VictoriaGAHernandez Tori Hernandez


  • RobertLA

    They must be running out of drag queens to have an all star show after only 4 seasons.
    come on, cant they find some fresh faces instead of seeing Raven and some of the others
    over and over and over …. im just saying…

  • Theoismusic

    william should be there but mamma trice for the win

    • mecaphilly1

      Yes I luv momma trice

  • thatgurl…me

    If they said the best girls, y is mimi im furst there???

  • Cfrank1922

    Tammie brown looks like a rejected Lucy Ball. She is a waste of a spot.

  • Chadvirgo777

    I’m so disappointed Morgan McMichaels isn’t there. She’s a total star. I’m praying that she’ll be popping out of a pink box for us all to gag over. Love her!!!!

  • Chris

    This needs Ongina.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000580773982 Erica Navarrette

    i say mariah should’ve been in Mimi’s spot. she looks great but was SO annoying on the show.


    HOW did Mimi make it to an ALLSTARS show? You’re gonna try to tell us that MIMI is preferred over WILLAM, RAJA, DELTA, JADE, TATIANA….the list goes on.

    At least Miss TAMMIE BROWN is on! Oh how I LOOOVE me some Miss Tammie! But, my heart….belongs to NINA!!! YES!!!

  • mecaphilly1

    Why didn’t they bring little Kenya Michaels back shorty was fierce loved her and shangela sister girl had attitude…. And the could have at least checked to see if jiggily (spell check) learns how to sew.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Terry-Gingo-McClinton/1326777330 Terry Gingo McClinton

    I think Chad Michaels is sinfully gorgeous…so was Tatiana…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Terry-Gingo-McClinton/1326777330 Terry Gingo McClinton

    I think Chad Michaels is sinfully gorgeous…so was Tatiana…

  • Gabrielanera92

    What happen to carmen carrera

    • Euroblond

      She became a real woman, wasn’t that so?

  • Taarna

    It’s possible that some of our favourite queens who are missing from this list were asked but either had other commitments or weren’t interested…you never know! I agree though, not a fan of Mimi and wishing Ongina or Willam were back (although I’m pretty sure it’s obvious why Willam isn’t back). THANK GOD Shangela isn’t there, sooo worn out her welcome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/gustavo.bitencourt Gustavo Bitencourt

    I don’t see the point in having Shannel back, she’s just cheesy. If they wanted an egotistic crazy b****, why not Willam? I’d change Mimi for Delta Work, and I think Ongina should be in that group somehow.

  • Sowildaheart91

    wheres willam?

    • Tamicarrol

      ill keep fingers crossed for chad michaels

  • Strada_wl

    Why Mimi? Why GOD? I seriously want either Willam or Shangela!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000183170525 Zachary Xavier


  • Addy

    There are some Fierce Queens missing. But for who is on the show. RAVEN OR MANILA!!!

  • Michele

    My favorite to win is Nina Flowers; she deserved the win during her season. My overall favorite is Jujubee; she is so cute, and has the best one-liners. I have a new work schedule at DISH, and will miss the new season when it premieres, but my Hopper will be set to record “All-Stars” when it airs. I have ton of DVR recording space in case the season is dragged out (pardon the pun), so I won’t miss any of the drama.

  • Blackgul

    laaaaattttttrrrriiiiiice royle, baby!

  • Lex Evan

    What about Carmen Carrera? Sexy beast!!!!

  • Tyralost2raven

    I just watched Season 2 Reruns. Tyra Sanchez should have been let go for sleeping and not being a team player. What a rotten attitude this one has…..geez. Raven, Jujubee, Pandora or Morgan should’ve won…..I hope to NEVER see Tyra on Logo Nettwork or anything again. Surprised and Disgusted by this choice of a winner. Tyra broke the rules by not participating in team activities, what a brat. Really, if I didn’t love the show and other queens so much, I’d stop watching today bc of this pain in the add Tyra winning.

  • Tyralost2raven

    And why wasn’t Tatiana put into the AllStar choice instead of Tammie Brown? TB looks like a mental hospital patient needing haloperidol. Tyra still a pain in the ADD. this site.won’t accept the SS so let say ADD….she knows she has hatred….just type her name on any search engine. Worst winner, arrested, most annoying appears, just to name a few choices. ADD can stand for Arrested Dumb Dick.

  • Euroblond


  • Kaicam32

    where is shangela and carmen carerra like really HALLELO

  • Mozellastarted

    Willam is missing

  • Zee

    Why is Shangela not on the list?

  • DragFan

    Latrice Royal for the win, baby!

  • Tyralost2raven

    I am just thankful to watch my favorite show WITHOUT TYRA SANCHEZ anywhere on it. I am protesting that PENNYWISE THE CLOWN should have NEVER won. It was hard to even watch RDR this weekend to pay tribute to Sahara Davenport and stomaching PENNYWISE again. Did agree Sahara said it correctly when she said she was in a challenge with SATAN’S BABY. I almost feel Season 3 was fixed. Why would anyone not eliminate PENNYWISE THE CLOWN the first few weeks? Tyra is the rudest, meanest, total Beotch of Satan. I am surprised RuPaul would select such a piece of crap to win. Raven should have won. Raven and Jujubee are artists. Pennywise is the Devil’s own. What a rotten individual. But, it is awesome to see on any search engine that Pennywise is the worst winner ever….and the most hated of all time….and the mug shots do not display the Pennywise teeth…too bad. I want to begin a Tyra Sanchez haters group bc that Pennywise look alike should stay behind bars in Atlanta. Looking fwd to AllStars ……one event that Pennywise cannot appear on. RIP Sahara Davenport, you also should’ve been on RDR longer than Pennywise.

  • Tyralost2raven

    What the hell is this Tammie Brown? Is it Satan’s baby Tyra Sanchez in a different wig and contacts? Why wasn’t Morgan chosen? This NC housewife still hates Tyra Sanchez with a purple Passion. Gosh what an evil brat Tyra is.

  • Luvdemmunkeys1

    I really want chad to win. She is FLAWLESS! But really how in the world did mimi get on this.

  • Britttneyjmalone

    JUJUBEE is THE most beautiful! Really hope she wins :)

  • Austin G Jones

    I think phiphi O’Hara should be there and where is Sharon needles!?

  • Aalexan157

    go Alexis and Raven

  • Diamond

    Shangela Laquifa Wadley is missing…she is def one of the Greats ….LOVE HER :)

  • Deelougrra

    Derp (Mimi Imfurst)… lol

  • Boomer1040

    Tatiana missing is a huge drag! Loved her. Finishing off my top 3 would be Jessica Glasscock and Delta Work should of been chosen as well.

    • Leanbeancoffee

      Rebecca Glasscock?

  • Lb4life

    The biggest disappointment for me is the absence of Willam in All Stars. But here is my theory, she will be recast in the next season of RPDR. She is too much of a talent to not be part of another season.

  • Jenfletcher1979

    mi mi imfirst should have never been on the show! the whole reason i was watching was to see Pandora Boxx! This blows

  • Danny_gch